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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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"Twins" is one of those words that if I see it in a sitename, it immediately grabs my attention. So when I saw GBD Twins on my list of sites to review I couldn't help but check it out immediately and I am very glad I did.

Not because it is a great site, but because there are definitely some things you should know about it before you get yourself a membership just because it has the word "twin" in it, like I might have done. Here are the facts.

While Debbie and Mariah, the stars of GBDTwins, do look like sisters, they are not identical. They are also not perfect. Like they say on their site, "We do not have dream figures like the models you know from TV, but we know that lots of you guys like girls that are a little chubby."

"Little" being the operative word here. Sure, they aren't gorgeous, but these cute amateur 18-year-old girls will definitely please many of you with their sweet and innocent looks.

What won't please many of you is the small number of videos. The focus of the website is definitely the pictures because there are only four movies to check out. To make matters worse, the flicks are all under two minutes long and you can download them as average-quality Windows Media files. You can also stream them in an embedded player, but they need to preload before your can skip ahead.

There are 92 photo sets and at least one of the twins is featured in all the galleries. They depict lots of posing, smiling and above-the-waist nudity. You will see plenty of naked tits, but no pussy - except for the times the girls wear see-through panties. You also get 21 sets devoted to a guest model.

In the shoots where the twins are together, there is lots of hugging and even some sweet kisses and boob grabbing, but, again, it is all pretty tame. The images are high-res and you can download them in Zip files.

You'll need to prefer photos to videos to get anything out of a membership to GBD Twins. However, there aren't any bonus sites and it's been years since they last updated.

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  • Comment by: steve

    Score: 1% Date: 01/06/2010

    i am sure the site is great but i am not able to access it, and there is no customer support