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Melissa Koznuk 

By: Melissa Koznuk
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Do get off on seeing pale white asses being beaten to shades of ever-deepening red punctuated by black and blue bruises? If so then I imagine that VIP Spanking will hold some immediate allure, but in the long run is this punishment-themed mega-site really worth it? Let me do my best to help you weigh the pros and cons, so that you can decide whether to obey or ignore the siren song produced by a symphony of bare bottoms being spanked, caned and whipped.

The design of VIPSpanking leaves something to be desired. Not only is it outdated, but it also serves little purpose. You'll simply find links to the six sites that you can currently access. Actually, you'll see seven links, but the one to Spank Camp redirects to SIT Spanking, because those two sites merged. Also a banner at the top incorrectly flashes nine sites even though two of them are no longer included with your membership.

You certainly are getting a decent amount of content at least. You can check out 1,083 videos and 517 photo sets with maybe about three new vids added across the network each month. Unfortunately, the quality is mostly below average, although around 250 have good-quality bit rates and a few come in HD. You'll find some high-res pics and every gallery can be downloaded in a Zip file.

Saving your favorites is unfortunately not an option and with the largest collection, Girls Boarding School, having nearly 600 movies, it would be a welcome feature. All the sites actually have enough scenes to make it worthwhile.

That site also seems to be the only one that allows you to leave comments and rate the scenes. I should mention that you can only sort the 100 top-rated vids rather than all of them. This site also has a search function and although it doesn't quite qualify as advanced, it's more useful than having none at all, which appears to be the case with the other sites.

Otherwise the setups are rather simplistic. You often don't even have the chance to stream the flicks and when you do the player is so basic that you can't even skip ahead or back. If you miss anything you end up having to start from the beginning. There are clips, but they don't have thumbnails, so it's hard to tell what part of the action they cover.

With red bums belong to misbehaving young ladies who have been spanked, paddled or caned, I really would love to recommend this collection. The fact that you'll also see boys punished by women on one of them gives you a bit of variety. However, I just feel like so many of these sites need improvement. In the end, VIP Spanking is too expensive for what you get.

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