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Updated on: 04/02/2016

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
Average Score: 65

Since we last visited AsiaMoviePass...

  • They've added 8,400 new DVDs.
  • Flip 18 is no longer a bonus site, but you do now get a site called Akiba Feed.

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It's late at night and there isn't any porn worth checking out on the Internet or TV. What's a horny person to do? Well, imagine you happened upon a very special news station where, one by one, all the cameramen shot their loads all over the female newscaster's face. Wouldn't you want to join them by soiling your own TV or, in the case of the site Asia Movie Pass, your computer monitor?

If you like bukkake, the most extreme form of facial porn, then consider purchasing a monthly membership to a site with one of the largest archives of high-quality facial content available. There's also a ton of other niches represented.

In terms of design and navigation, AsiaMoviePass does a fairly good job of providing you with the key to unlocking your very own Asian porn extravaganza. All the categories are listed down the side of the page, so you can choose the niche (teen, cum hair, bondage, etc.) you prefer. Plus, the site looks decent and is updating daily with multiple full-length DVDs.

There are pictures, but the video collection is the biggest draw. Although they advertise about 7,000 more titles, looking over the updates, there actually appear to be 31,360 full-length DVDs for your viewing pleasure. The bulk of the content in the "bukkake" category is exclusive, but the rest of the categories house nonexclusive material.

The newer vids are below average in quality, but some of the older ones are in Full HD (91 to be exact) and you can filter the films so that only the ones that are high-def show up. Basically, the flicks that come in MP4s (these tend to offer a streaming option too) are the ones that are the most disappointing. When it comes to the ones in Windows Media and AVI, they offer good to great-quality playback.

The content includes babes posing, stripping, sucking dick and being creamed with load after load of sticky cum, or drinking a huge glass of semen. However, I ought to warn you that like most Japanese porn, this site censors all the cocks and pussies, so you'll only see the result, not the act, of the guys blasting off.

In terms of pictures, you get 14 photo sets. They aren't necessarily taken during the filming of the movies though. Instead, they're single pics divided into categories like ass, bikini, fully nude, lesbian softcore and more. Although they're not all the same size, the sets in general are huge and average nearly 2,000 pics each.

A few bonus sites are included with a memnbership, likeAsian Prego, Asian Ropes and Brokeback Asians. But you barely need them with so much main content already and, with that in mind, Asia Movie Pass is worth the money despite the pixelated action.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Jcw2080

    Score: 90% Date: 01/01/2016

    I think this site is underrated because this is the only site I have found with Japanese BBW movies.

  • Comment by: Defrey

    Score: 80% Date: 11/04/2015

    Yep good site.
    But as below, we can't access to our account ? That's a real problem if like me, u want to end your trial subscription and can't do nothing about it...
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:11/05/2015): Hi, Defrey. I sent you an email.

  • Comment by: David.Thornber

    Score: 1% Date: 10/15/2015

    I can't even get onto this site every time I try the join now button it just sends me to bukake now site
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:10/15/2015): Hi, David. I sent you an email.

  • Comment by: km2010

    Score: 98% Date: 10/12/2015

    The site is very good.

    I have been trying to cancel my membership since last 5 days. I could not find any link on the site to cancel the membership. I have contacted twice and have also emailed the biller but have not heard back.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:10/13/2015): Hi, km2010. I sent you an email.

  • Comment by: BukkakeMan

    Score: 85% Date: 10/15/2014

    Been a member since 2005 when the site had nothing but BUKKAKE vids and since then its evolved quite a bit. They have a massive seletion of JAV videos however, sadly to say they're lacking on the bukkake movies they once had.

    Nontheless it is still a great site and I dont think I would ever leave this site.

    - massive content selection
    - great collection of vintage bukkake

    - slow on email replies but they do reply
    - not enough bukkake updates

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 1% Date: 08/04/2014

    Pros: Good selection of JV Porn updated daily.

    Cons: Horrible customer service. Most downloads fail. Reasonably sure they sold my email to porn spammers. Cannot cancel through website.

    They get the lowest rating possible because what is the point of paying for a premium site if you can't successfully access their content and no one responds to your inquiries?
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:08/05/2014): Hi, Anonymous. You didn't leave an email. Contact us through one of the methods above and we'll look into the cancellation issue for you.

  • Comment by: trex_78

    Score: 85% Date: 04/24/2014

    Propably one of the best sites i've seen (and that's alot...).
    The only thing that could push it to the top form me is more rough content like ass/tit slapping etc.
    Had some problems downloading but with a decent download manager that's fixed.

  • Comment by: Bob

    Score: N/A Date: 02/15/2014

    The downloads are SLOOOW and eventually break. You end up getting almost nothing for your money, no refund, not even a response to your email.

  • Comment by: schwantz

    Score: 50% Date: 01/18/2014

    I have mixed feeling about the website, I used to sign up in the past ,but not anymore, the search engine sucks, I have question marks about the everyday updates, everything is censored. I love same of the storyline but many are way to long and it takes you for ever to download. I would pay a lot of money to see same of the Movie uncensored, but there is more behind the censorship

  • Comment by: SilverSurfer

    Score: 95% Date: 08/14/2013

    Overall AMP is a really good site & keeps updated fairly consistently. I have been with them for a number of years and they always have new content up usually every day which is a bonus. The only drawback is that their customer service is a bit lacking. They will eventually respond to your inquires but it takes longer then what should be expected for a premium membership site. Another issue of late is that some of their movies which have missing release dates don't seem to work? I noticed this on some of my old bookmarks which won't open anymore. So it is my advise you download your videos not long after you bookmark them to prevent the chance of not having access to your favorite movies later.

    However on the plus side there doesn't seem to be a limit on how many bookmarks you have. I have over 130 which is nice considering some sites limit your ability to do this to any real degree. However you really can't beat the massive volume of titles available here which is really second to none. Would be nice having some more exclusive content but that is not enough to not recommend this site. However the good news is AMP seems to be making an effort to address this issue as well as of late. I agree that the Bukkake portion is really it's strongest asset.

    Pro: Updated content regularly

    Massive library & great Bukkake content

    Con: Customer service responses to your inquires a bit slow

    HD content limited but improving!

    Unedited content as with most Asian sites is lacking but it does have some.

  • Comment by: elchico

    Score: 10% Date: 08/12/2013

    Excellent site, hundreds of movies with japanese girls who are real porn actresses a lot of several themes and any movie is got a content...the site is easy to cancel just going to the id u received from the email and cancel u even receive offer to the half the original price.

    Cons the ridiculous and ironical japanese laws about hidden genitals if not japanese porn along russian would be the best...

  • Comment by: Rusty Shackleford

    Score: 90% Date: 07/14/2013

    This site has a lot of content. Almost none of it is exclusive though. But Unless you can read Japanese this is your best bet for finding any of it.

    -Tons of content
    -Daily Updates-update timer
    -Favorite Ability
    -HD/Blueray available on some
    -DRM Free

    -Censored content-quite a few videos are censored due to Japan law but this doesn't have a huge effect on the videos
    -Varying category of updates-If your looking for just Bukkake or Facials you may have to wait a day or two to see an update in that genre.
    -Download Speed-Speeds are OK but can become quite slow and even fail if too many are requested. Use a download manager that has been approved by them for better results.

  • Comment by: Incovide

    Score: 30% Date: 07/02/2013

    The only reason to subscribe to Asiamoviepass is that it gives you access to content that are usually out of reach for us western guys.
    On the cons side : nearly everything. The labelling is not accurate. The multiple research tool is a "or" type note a "and" one (douchebags !) the download link are valid for a couple of hour maximum making the use of a download manager very painful. All the movies are named asiamoviepas####. So you have to change the name and update the link every 2/3 hours (assholes !). Cancellation is not their matter : keep the mail from epoch. BTW : even if you want to stay a recurring member CANCEL ASAP because you will be offered a new memebership for THE THIRD OF THE ORIGINAL PRICE !!! (8€ instead of 24)

  • Comment by: JAV Masta

    Score: 96% Date: 05/28/2013

    Asiamoviepass is the Best! Over 20,000 movies including hard to find WTF Japanese vids. I’m fuckin impressed with volume and high quality. Streaming for many movies but not all. Bottom line, best value for the buck!

  • Comment by: TFG9R

    Score: 60% Date: 01/26/2013

    Have used this site several times. Pros: they show 20 new additions per day and they name every movie with a publisher ID in it. Cons: recently their download speed is rediculously low --15k/s combined speed for hours. Downloads easily break off and can not be resumed. The servers are not responsive. Many movies particularly the better ones are often not available for downloading. It makes you wonder if they actually have the movies.

  • Comment by: kazama2012

    Score: 90% Date: 05/08/2012

    Price is reasonbaly cheap and there are constant updates. Navigations are located on the left, this allows user to quickly access their favorite porn genres. Despite these advantages, there are some issues with the site. For instance, finding a page to login as member and it does not provided sufficient information in regards to cancelling the bill. Does anyone know how? Much appreciated. Thanks. Overall I would give this site a 90 out of 100. I am very satisfied with this site :)

  • Comment by: Mr. Pete

    Score: 95% Date: 03/27/2012

    An excellent site! There is so much content to choose from, plus some especially hard bukkake and gokkun stuff. All the content can be downloaded, but much of it can also be streamed. The above review says that the content is not exclusive, but as far as I can tell, there is rarely overlap with another favorite site of mine: As far as I'm concerned, it's the best Asian site out there (although the bonus sites are pretty flimsy).

  • Comment by: DINGO

    Score: 60% Date: 02/18/2012


  • Comment by: BorgX

    Score: 25% Date: 01/03/2012

    Wow where to start with this site.
    First off the PRO's.
    Great selection of movies. Lots of stuff your not going to see here in the US of A. The Video quality is good.
    Now for the CONs
    You cant cancel from their website. You have to go look at your email you received from them, figure out who billed you, go to their website(BTW the email you get doesnt have the website address of where to you'll have to Google it), and then cancel
    Asian Movie Pass CLAIMS you can use a download manager. They even suggest DAP. BUT good luck.
    With the way they have it set up if you use a download manager the links for the downloads die after a very short time, so you can only Que 3 or 4 movies at a time and then all of your other links are dead. So you cant put in 10 movies or so to DownLoad and then just come back later and they are done. I have even had the links go dead after 1 movie or 2 movies.
    Also some of the movies they show as them having you have to go to another site to get.
    If your trying to build up a decent adult collection, just use torrents or find a Asian site that uses file-sonic or another storage method.
    They need to redo how downloads are done and then maybe I would try them again.....Using a download manager to Download 1 movie and having to set up another download is useless. I don't want to be in front of my computer all day setting up downloads.

  • Comment by: Joey

    Score: 40% Date: 12/27/2011

    While this site does boast an impressive selection, the customer service is the worst I've ever experienced. Every inquiry I had (and there were several, the site not always being the easiest to navigate) was completely ignored. Moreover, I ended up staying on a month longer than I intended because of how positively impossible they make it to cancel. (You have to track down the original spammy email they sent you when joining to find out which fly-by-night billing company you have to get in contact with should you ever want to cancel your membership prior to death.) Because of the level of competition these days from more honest sites - and because most legitimate mainstream sites don't try to actively rip you off these days like they did in the 90s - I am going to strongly recommend against joining this one.

  • Comment by: Doodsy

    Score: 70% Date: 12/17/2011

    I joined AMP specifically to download one film that I had seen a sample of....I could not find that film in their database..(which is very extensive...the positive of the site).

    Repeated attempts to communicate with the admin failed, which was very disappointing. I never did get the film I wanted. So I wouldn't go back. Customer Service was poor. I also found the download speed to be painfully slow.

  • Comment by: Raf

    Score: 30% Date: 11/05/2011

    Dear sirs,

    After my (trial) membership ended, I received about three e-mails a day with sexual content. Take note to use an e-mail address that can be discarded later.

  • Comment by: Rose

    Score: 100% Date: 10/25/2011

    Asiamoviepass is the best! LOTS and LOTS of new movies with some of the weirdest and sexiest porno ever made!
    I LOVE the titles you have where the wives are cheating on their husbands!
    FAD 1483, and the SHKD series "Fucked in Front of Her Husband" are amazing!! You should have a new category: "Cuckold" and put those movies in there. You should also get more in the FAD series "My Husband is Impotent" like 1483 - it's really cool.
    Also - for MAc users: they should download the VLC movie player, and then open the File, then browse for the movies saved to the HD. When you open the movie IN the VLC player it plays OK.

  • Comment by: Mario

    Score: 99% Date: 10/21/2011

    I've been a happy member since 2008 when they had about a thousand videos. Back then, that was a lot! Today, they have grown to over 6,500. What more can you ask? Price they charge is cheap compared to what you're getting. Kudos to AMP for continually improving and giving us new content daily!!! Member for life.

  • Comment by: Matt

    Score: 80% Date: 10/01/2011

    There's a lot to be said for this site. I doubt any of the content is exclusive but if you're starting a new collection of Japanese porn I don't think there are too many other places you will need to go. The sheer amount of it is excellent. Content is censored, which will always be a negative yet that is to be expected (why on earth the Japanese are still censoring their porn in the 21st Century is well beyond me).

    They do offer some uncensored content through their partner site AkibaFeed, but I'm personally a tad weary of that site. It's shady. For a while AkibaFeed was offering material that was highly questionable -- I don't care if they're not nude or no sexual content is being made, there's no reason for an adult to be getting their jollies off by looking at under-aged girls in swimsuits and I could see no other reason for those videos to be there. Thankfully that has been done away with but some of the "rape porn" in the uncensored area is way too realistic for my liking. They also offer scat, which is way too nasty. I find it best to avoid that site entirely and knock points off from AMP for even associating with them.

    As for AMP, it's worth checking out if you don't mind censored Japanese porn. I don't think I'll be renewing once my membership runs out, though.

  • Comment by: 2yayk

    Score: 50% Date: 08/15/2011

    Too bad this site doesn't offer trial membership anymore. The trial was more expensive on a per-day basis, but you didn't have to commit to a month. I won't sign up for now until they offer trials again.

  • Comment by: tex

    Score: N/A Date: 05/21/2011

    this site really sucks waste of money even at 17.95 rip off

  • Comment by: Bart M.

    Score: 95% Date: 03/28/2011

    I am impressed with asiamoviepass. Videos can be downloaded as wmvs or avis and streamed in your browser using Flash. Lots of updates too.

  • Comment by: Adder

    Score: 98% Date: 03/28/2011

    I was scared to join a pay site. but I have to say this is one of the best memberships I've had in a long long time.

  • Comment by: Michael

    Score: 30% Date: 03/17/2011

    I have trouble canceling my account too! Which is extremely frustrating and a big minus in my book. But can anyone tell me HOW TO CANCEL an account? Some help would be appreciated!
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:03/18/2011): Hi Michael... look to the email you received when you got the membership. Was it through CCbill or Epoch? Their contact links are at the top of this page under "support."