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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Everyone always claims that they have the most content on the internet and TAC Amateurs doesn't seem to be much different in their promotion. However, in doing a review I get to find out whether the claim is true or not and, since I love amateur babes, I'm excited to find the answer.

I didn't expect TACAmateurs to be like a network portal and so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it gives you access to 145 amateur sites. Obviously, this is the most I have ever seen in any network and the thing about such a large mega-site is where in the world to start?

The categories are extensive and you can get everything from solo girls to gangbangs. Some of the sites include Curvy Claire, Cum On Marie and Honey 4 U. The sites are also grouped into recurring themes, such as Europeans and big boobs. The easiest way to get exactly what you want isn't to go after an individual site unless you're looking for that particular amateur star. Instead, head to the "updates" section and use the large number of search functions to make your way around.

With this many sites, it's impossible to tell exactly how much content there is. You can search by most recent update, but the movies and galleries are usually broken up into two to five parts, averaging three parts for every vid and two for every photo set (these are not clearly labeled, which is strike against navigation). With 7,221 movie parts and 10,939 partial galleries, that averages out to roughly 2,840 movies and about 5,795 picture sets. However, you will find full-length files here and there.

Most of the galleries contain pics of various sizes, but if you look hard enough, you should be able to uncover some high-res images. You can view the different sets in slideshows and you can also download them in Zip files. As for the movies, they vary greatly in quality, but many of the newer ones are in HD. They can only be downloaded, though, not streamed.

As far as extras go, you get access to many more amateur sites from the Chick Pass Network. There are over 150 amateur models to check out, including Busty Lavender, Leighlani XXX and Christina Caylo. It's great to have the extra material, but there's already so much here that I don't know how anyone could make time for the additional content. New porno flicks gets added to the network daily, so just getting caught up with what it already offers is a monumental task.

Experiencing TAC Amateurs is like having dozens of video cameras planted around the world and being able to tap into every single one of them whenever you please. And at the end of the day there's no denying that this is a site worth joining. Yes, some of the sites have dated designs, but considering a lot of this is made-at-home porn, it can be forgiven. Anyone interested in amateur action should set aside some time to explore the site today.


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  • Comment by: Dagger

    Score: 50% Date: 10/21/2012

    TAC Amateurs is an average site and consists of about 130 amateur sites under the TAC banner.I was a member about 3 years ago and I just rejoined for a month and since the site relies on individual members adding new movies it is very hit and miss and some sites haven't been updated for at least 2 years so can be considered dead. Quality of movies ranges from abysmal to just about better than average. Don't even dream about downloading them all as a lot of the older ones are only available in a streaming version. It's worth pointing out that the reviews on this page are for TAC1 network and there is also TAC2. For a first time visit TAC1 is probably worth it at around pound for a month but to access TAC2 as well you need to pay an extra tenner or so, which I did and regretted it almost at once. The main page of TAC2 is totally misleading. At the moment there are 117 sites listed as part of TAC2 on their main page but I counted 31 that aren't even clickable ie dead. Even some of the clickable ones just lead you back to the main page. A complete con and the updates are even worse here with some sites not having been updated since 2007!Some of the other TAC bonus sites are dead end links too. Whichever you join and I hope to god it isn't TAC2 you get access to TandA Chicks Network which used to be run by Alanna and her partner Logan. This is very similar layout to TAC with a number of amateur sites under one banner.Sadly Alanas site has only had 2 picture set updates since 2006 and no video updates since that date. On top of that all content is shared with other sites under the same banner. From the TandA Network it tells you that you can also access the Nymphos Network but this is purely stuff recycled from the TandA Network so thanks for nothing! In summary join TAC1 and have a look at Alannas vids and pics if your a first time visitor but forget about the rest.

  • Comment by: Randal

    Score: 89% Date: 05/13/2012

    I decided to check out TAC Amateurs having been a member years ago and im certainly glad I did. WOW, this site has come on in leaps and bounds over the years. Lots of sites claim to be the biggest but in TACs case, Id have to agree. Theres literally hundreds of sites run by the amateurs themselves. Quality can be a bit hit and miss but you have to realise that some content goes back to 2005 when 512kbps was considered high quality. The newer stuff seemed to be much higher quality and theres new stuff being added every day so theres always something to look at. Favourites for me were CurvyClaire, CumOnMarie, Subwoman and others. And just when you think youve seen all that TAC has to offer, go click on the Bonus Networks and you'll realise you havent even started yet

  • Comment by: Dave Sobey

    Score: 40% Date: 06/10/2010

    Most of the models no longer on the site as their uploads finished anything from 6 months to 2 years ago. Whilst there are lots of photos Prrox 50 per set plus movies (wmv format) the quality of both is nothing short of abismall in this day and age. 46mbs per 10 minute film is not acceptable especially seeing as the cost for one month is £26 recuring HOWEVER when you contact CC Bill to cancel your subs the actual price is £31? for one month! shame on you cc bill for misleading the public but also shame on the TAC administrators for what is basically lieing to their customers.They use missleading words like. "pay for membership to one Tac site and get access to the WHOLE network. WRONG. you only get access to the network you signed up to, Ie TAC 1, or TAC2.You can't access both. The extra sites you have access to are a joke as well. The link to the T&A network didn't work, this was reported to the site admin istrators along with the fact that their so called forum could not be accessed, (not in use anymore)you couldn't leave coments on the models photo sets or films as you needed another username & password of which neither could be obtained as that function had ceased working. The other sites are all TAC owned and the content taken from existing posts by their models on their own site. Ie, if a model uploads a short film of themselves flashing in public, that film will also be put in public flashers or the like. the same for if they wear stockings or have small boobs. It is a complete and utter rip off. Dont get me wrong. The models are all girl next door everyday type ladys and it's not their fault. It's the site admin that wont pay for the bandwidth and upgrade so all the girls hard work could be fully appreciated. they dont reply to their customers comments. I only assume that they dont particularly care as they have had your money. For the amount of money they are asking and the quality of the films/photos (not content) I would take my money elswhere.