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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Cum On Her Face is of course totally my type of site. Me, I like my money shots. Sure it can be fun to watch hours of fucking before the final cumming, but why not just get to the best part first. We're talking completely coated lips, noses and eyes, dripping juices, flowing down chins, over necks and across ears. You've never witnessed this sort of wanton wad wearing action in your life.

It's like a real life wet dream to see a woman's face just completely smeared by spent spunk. One of my favourite videos was an incredible whore Tina who laid back and let a whole crowd of guys spurt their sperm. I watched while cock after cock shoots huge wads of jizz all over her hungry face. At least 10 guys dump their fluid all over her face while we watch. It was extremely hardcore action. She then got her pussy eaten out by another smutty slut. The bitch that was going down on her slowly writhes upwards to lick all those man loads off of her face. Absolutely pure pornographic perversity, almost as good as the first video I saw from Cum On Her Face where a slut actually downs a whole tumbler full of boy juice. Other hot bangs included Sara, Brooke, Gabrielle, Tonya and Elaine.

The videos like the pictures were a great quality and there were literally loads and loads, pardon the pun. I mean we're talking over the 450 photo sets, about a third of which feature high-res pictures. Of those scenes about 340 come with video as well. Many of these chicks are amateurs that just happen to love cock so badly that they volunteer to take part in the raunchiest and nastiest fuck fests ever brought to the Net. Videos are available in Windows Media and MPEG formats - the newer ones look a whole lot better then the old ones. As a real cool feature you can search the archives by theme, models, and special events.

There are a few issues with the design however: The videos are laid out with just text links which you have to click on before you get to any thumbnail pics to see if the scene actually interests you.  Also, the few most recent additions have this annoying story format for the episode with each page having a few pics and part of the video.  Hitting 'next' over and over again is a pain in the ass.

Then of course there are the extras, like live videos and interactive chat with the COHF girls. You also get full access to HotRikki, LiveBabes, Busty Tramps and LesbianHangout. There are some wicked sexy audio stories, so you can hear right from the girls' mouths how hot and horny they felt while they got gangbanged by more than a dozen guys. Check out the cartoons section for some great comics full of naughty, naked drawings. You've got hours and hours of cum-covered action, tons of bang for your buck! Quite simply, CumOnHerFace, with the improved quality of the newer movies,  is one of the top gangbang facial site on the net! It also looks like they are back on track and updating again after a little hiatus.

Cum on over and take a load off at Cum On Her Face! (Be sure to save some $$$ by taking the 3 month subscription)

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: swimpy

    Score: N/A Date: 08/03/2012

    i rejoined cohf after a year or so because i was curious how the site looks like today, what kind of updates there are, not so much for the archive - you know where you can find files like that, do you? well, there have been regular updates (albeit very, very bad ones) until last year, but only three in 2012. no activity whatsoever.

    the bottom line:


    it should be abandoned by now, so do NOT bother wasting any bucks on it. it's actually not closed at all, it's just not down yet. anyway, if someone there would be honest, they'd take the whole thing offline. SOON.

  • Comment by: Kev

    Score: 15% Date: 11/05/2011

    It's become impossible to make a positive comment about this site anymore. Everything that made it great originally is now long gone. It used to be about real amateur gangbangs and bukkakes filmed at places around Pensacola, Florida, and the girls themselves were possibly escorts, but they had this "girl next door" appeal about them. The shoots were pretty much largely unscripted, and the guys weren't all some perfect muscle men straight out of some professional porn academy (and even those that were, still were not pros). The site was like as if you and a bunch of your buddies got together with some willing girl and gangbanged and creamed all over her (and it actually was since members had the opportunity to participate). I think one of COHF's early mottos was "COHF is not only a website, it´s a lifestyle!", and it was in every sense of the word back then.

    The site has simply not been the same since its post-Florida days (I guess that's somewhat defensible, since the law in Florida went after Ray Guhn, its owner), and I didn't particularly care much for the shoots in Canada since it started COHF's path towards becoming just another professional gangbang porn-style site. Now I see that it's back in the US, but in California, and it's like every other single site out there. It's been a very long time since you could participate in the shoots.

    If you're considering signing-up for COHF, do so only for its old material (implying it's still there), 2000-2004 is particularly good, the best girls during that era were Tina, Sara, Beth, Sandra, Jacqueline, Rose, Celeste, Rachael, Maria, and a whole bunch of other names I cannot remember right now. I wish I had been of age during that time when COHF was at its finest, I would have participated in the shoots myself! If Ray Guhn decides to go back towards filming actual amateur shoots, allowing for memebers to participate, and caring more about the site and its content rather than his bottom line (very doubtful), then maybe I'll consider re-joining.

    If you like bland, predictible, gangbang porn, then by all means, enjoy. No thanks for me.

  • Comment by: jisx

    Score: 38% Date: 01/28/2011

    My dear fellows, what more can be said about this site? The comments that have been posted so far are trustworthy. Unfortunately, I must say. I used to be a longterm member as well, but I moved on. Yet, I kept informed about the scenes that COHF offers. I don't know how it could come that far. In 2010, they did a shoot with the Vancouver crew - it was horrible, even though my favorite girl Arizona was in it. There was no atmosphere or whatsoever.
    Furthermore - and that's a major downturn - the quality of the movies is BAD. Even the mentioned one seems to be filmed with an over-used handycam. It's blurry sometimes and the lighting is in fact POOR. They used to remove all hi-res pictures from the site. In the past, you could browse them like a magazine. You could use the COHF forum to communicate. Now you can't. You can't do anything. Well, someone said it: join once and watch the older shoots, particularly 2003, 2004 and 2007. You'll see the difference...

  • Comment by: maverick

    Score: 62% Date: 01/06/2010

    After many months the time for me has come to cancel my membership. Thank you Jim for your review, I pretty much second that.
    Since COHF has moved from Canada to California in 2009 it looks the same as any other porn site. It is not about the models, even though there are well known stars like Kaci Starr and Sierra Skye doing COHF now. It was more fun to see a group of stars establishing with new girls being added frequently. It was a feeling as if the regulars all knew each other which I liked. New girls were introduced by "old" girls, etc...
    This is hardly to be found anymore. COHF doesn't keep all its promises. The facials are far from massive (once there were only three cumshots!), there are never more than five guys (there used to be up to 12!) and it has become a poor pornstar routine.
    The only thing that will always keep COHF up in the ratings are hundreds of older shoots. Classics like Deaja, Jody, Tina or Arizona are a must-have!
    The final cut: join the site once, but don't be disappointed that the present doesn't come anywhere near the past.

  • Comment by: Jim

    Score: 65% Date: 08/28/2009

    This used to be a fantastic site - the girls really did seem like amateurs that were just having fun (although I think we all knew they were being paid - it is a business after all) and some of the girls were amazingly hot, like Courtney, Sara, Tonya and Tina.

    Unfortunately recently with the new owners it has become just another porno site with skanky-looking girls and predictable shoots. All the fun is gone.

  • Comment by: jumpshot

    Score: 70% Date: 07/31/2009

    Although COHF is always fooling around with us - like RodHard said, you can't join the shoots and of course all the actors get paid - it has always been an outstanding site which deserved to be famous for its content. However, the quality has declined. In the past two years they added shoots from Brazil, which lacked the atmosphere of the US and Canada productions. They use to sell compilations as updates. And in the last few months COHF started to deliver content from California, that's straight forward boring. It's always the same setting, the same five(!) guys (COHF always used to have at least eight men) and also quite boring models. Every shoot looks the same. Yet, the tons of older shoots with lovely and wonderful models are great. I hope they can reach that quality somewhen again. If not, it's not the greatest facial site anymore ( is alredy better, I think).

  • Comment by: Wanker

    Score: 80% Date: 06/17/2009

    Very hard to rate. i don't like much from the last few years but some of the older content is the best on the web. If you have the patience to wade through the older content, it's worth every dime. For example, the early Tina, Alexa and Sara vids are outstanding and I can watch them over and over.