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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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HM Boys, does it stand for hot male boys, which would be redundant? Perhaps it's short for Her Majesty's boys, since these lads are fit for any queen or manly teen-loving gay stud. The "HM" in fact means homemade. To be honest, that can put me off a site since amateur would imply that the models weren't professionals while homemade makes it sound as if the camerawork is unprofessional. You shouldn't worry. Even though the site isn't overproduced, the quality is quite up-to-snuff. The site has also been redesigned so it's more user-friendly than it was before.

HMBoys has 99 videos. The site looks so much better, so it's a bit surprising that this section of the site hasn't improved much. The vids still only come in RealPlayer format. They give you mediocre playback. They have increased the screen size on some of the clips, so they look a bit better on screen than you might expect. The fact of the matter is that older updates look worse than the most recent ones. Somehow, though, they manage not to be so bad that you would enjoy watching them at all. You see solo stuff and hardcore sex. You'll even catch some bareback action.

Where the site has really grown is in the photo section. There are 486 galleries. The last time while visiting the site, there were only regular-res or smaller photos. Now, you will find some sets with high-res still pics. Ideally, the photo sets would consistently have the larger framed images. However, the clarity and crispness of each remains great. You will see solo lads. Horny couples sucking and fucking fill some of the sets. There are also some hormonally charged three-ways and some groupsex.

Extras include a couple live links. There is a section of reviews written by one of the site's former models. He gives you his critiques of adult websites, DVDs and books. There's an ongoing contest to win a DVD or a subscription to another gay porn site. You have to indentify a model solely by a single close up picture of his dick. If you send in the right guy's name, you could win one of the two prizes. There is a small section of stories. You can also check out some gay toons created for the site. HM Boys could still use better videos, but its new sleek design is easier to navigate.

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