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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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You would think that going into a site called Just Coeds meant you could pretty much guess what you were in for. That's what I thought as well until I logged in and saw their tagline: "From coeds to MILFs and more." I couldn't help but smile and laugh a little. To name your site one thing and then have an entirely contradictory slogan, now that's what qualifies as "irony" in the world of online porn.

The good news is that I wanted the 67 mediocre-quality Windows Media videos to be better in quality, because I enjoyed what I saw. JustCoeds is pretty much a one-man show. The same guy who films everything is also the lucky bastard fucking all the coeds (MILFs and more).

Unlike most single-guy sites, most of the action isn't filmed POV. Instead, it is done tripod style with cuts where they stopped to move the camera to another angle or position. It can get a little tedious, especially when the cam is placed in a poor location. However, the focus is (as it should be) always on the babes.

There are only two photo sets. There are some decent vid caps for the other scenes though. Watching these cute amateurs watch themselves on the monitor while they are fucked is fun, even if they don't always seem to be into what's happening. The guy, on the other hand, is very into it. He loves to talk dirty to the gals before, during and after he fucks them. Even when he is working on getting hard, he never loses focus.

The performers and the scenes are both very amateur. In my opinion, it's the selling point of the whole experience. From awkward edits to chicks coughing to guys trying to shove a soft dick up a tight ass, this is real amateur porn.

There are four full-access bonus sites, including Amateur Canada, Handjob Canada and Camel Toe Canada. That's good news, because there have been no updates in ages. Plus, the quality of the content really leaves too much to be desired. Just Coeds just isn't good enough to recommend with any enthusiasm.

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