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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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As one who appreciates a variety of porn genres, I am a big fan of the movie site--those sites that are like having the back room of your local video store right there on your computer. However, just throwing hundreds of videos on a web page isn't enough. There are certain things that these sites need to do and I am here to tell you how Movie Beast does on all accounts.

On the surface, MovieBeast looks like a great site. The design looks clean and simple and my initial browsing was very user friendly. Normally I wait till the end to talk about price, but in this case it has to be brought up sooner.

Initially, based on what I saw of the "join" page, it looked like they were charging $39.95/month to download "as much as you want." This is expensive, but not unreasonable for a quality mega-movie site. I didn't think twice about it until I went to download my first video and saw dollar amounts associated with each clip. Then at the top of the screen I saw a "remaining downloads" dollar amount that kept diminishing as I downloaded clips.

I headed into the FAQ section to clear this up and read about credits and how I could add more or upgrade to a platinum membership that gave me 1000mb more downloads every month. Needles to say it is a little confusing but I am going to assume that there are two options available to you: 40 bucks for unlimited monthly downloads or purchase credits to use whenever you want.

With that cleared up (sort of) lets see if Movie Beast is even worth it. The amount of content is great. They are adding a new scene every single day and so far there are already 630 hours of porn taken from 10 277 XXX movies totaling 110.62gigs of content available. Members can browse through the content by category, latest additions, top 10 movies or their key word search option.

The videos are all downloadable without any copy protection which is nice; however they are all also split up into a bunch of clips, with no option to download the whole scene in one shot. Also, there are no thumbnails specifically associated with each clip so you are kind of downloading blind which is a big pet peeve of mine. Now the big, and maybe the most important, question: how do the movies look?

Beautiful quality videos would have gone a long way to making up for all the little problems I had with MovieBeast, however, the movies actually looked pretty average. The crazy thing is that the quality numbers were actually really good, but in actually looking at them on my screen they didn't live up to the numbers.

Most of the clips are available in Mpeg format with some coming in Windows Media format (352x240, 1150kbps and 320x240, 700kbps). Oh ya, that's another thing that bothered me: there is no indication as to whether a clip is Mpeg or WMV format before you go to download it.

The amount of content is great, and if you upgrade to the platinum membership it gets even better. However, the little design flaws and the average looking videos just aren't good enough to keep up with the real quality sites in the same mega-movie category.

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