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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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There was a point a while back when it felt like every site I reviewed was an individual teen model site. However, I hadn't seen any for a while, so I was prepared and happy when I saw that my next assignment was Debbie Teen. That was, until I logged in and saw that this site was just like 90% of the other teen model sites out there, just with a different name.

DebbieTeen herself is very cute and has a hot body, but how many cute blonde teens have we seen already? My question was, how is she going to stand out from all of them? After having checked out the site more thoroughly, I discovered that she isn't.

Like I said before, Debbie is definitely sexy and she has solid softcore material. It just isn't anything original. Not that it has to be. I do appreciate doing something well and in general that is the case with Debbie and her photo shoots. Unfortunately, the solid showing in the picture section doesn't pass over to the video section.

There are 91 movies, but video updates stopped back in 2010. Also, they're each only a few minutes long. On a positive note, the movies can be streamed and downloaded in MP4 format and they offer good-quality playback. However, I should point out that some of them are quite grainy looking, even after having been re-encoded from their old Windows Media formats.

There are 183 sets of photos where we find our cutie stripping down to nothing in most of them and it should be noted that some sets are tamer than others. All in all, there are lots of great shots of her breasts, pussy and ass and you'll be glad to know that the images are crisp and high-res.

Debbie's site stopped updating for a while in favor of just rotating content. It resumed actually updating at one point, but no new photos have been added since 2012. The current design's video and photo sections actually show you material for the entire network, but you can easily filter to show the scenes starring Debbie. Meanwhile, you're also able to browse both of her sections through the homepage, which also lists her turn-ons and stats like her sexual orientation and her age (although I should point out that she's not actually still 18).

Even though Debbie's website isn't getting any bigger, you can still get through all her content and still have lots to see. This is because the 15 sites making up the All Teen Stars network are included with a membership. Some of these include Busty Alli, Fun With Amber and Little Danni.

While Debbie doesn't really stand out among her peers, there's no denying that she's a hottie and has good-looking movies. With that in mind, you'll still want to give Debbie Teen a look if you're into cute blondes.

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