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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but don't forget about the men, my friends. In this age of digital video cameras and the Internet, you don't want to be scorning anyone, male or female. Taylor Bow did this and now she is experiencing the fury.

As the story goes, TaylorBow met a guy at a nightclub and they fell in love. She told him how much she cared for him and he fell for her completely. Then one day she just got up and left him for some jerk with a nicer car and broke the guy's heart into a million pieces. In order to get back at her and hurt her like she hurt him, he posted their sex videos on the Internet for everyone to see.

The premise is simple and actually somewhat believable. I'm not saying that these are videos from a real relationship that were posted out of revenge from a broken heart. What I am saying is that even with my initial skepticism, I was able to appreciate the effort put in to make it seem real. There is lots of talking between the two lovers and it all feels very off the cuff and conversational.

In fact, it almost feels too good, like they are trying too hard to make it feel real. Taylor is great and almost worth the price of admission on her own. Not only is she gorgeous and sexy, but the way she interacts with the camera and her partner feels wonderfully genuine. I wanted to date her even before I saw her naked.

There are 20 videos and no photos telling this tale of heartbreak. The flicks play like real made-at-home movies, with almost everything shot from the guy's POV. The scenes are all divided up into one-minute clips that can be quickly downloaded in good-quality MPEG format.

Sounds good so far? Well, here's the catch. These vids are all he has from their relationship, so there is obviously not going to be any updates happening. So this is a one-month-and-go type of site. The membership fee is maybe a couple of bucks higher than it should be, but Taylor Bow is a joy to watch and the "real couple" scenario is done quite well.

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  • Comment by: Cleveland

    Score: 90% Date: 07/31/2010

    I don't know about the website, but that girl is the truth. I'd date Taylor Bow. She is hard not to love.

  • Comment by: ier

    Score: 85% Date: 03/20/2010

    I think the videos are great. I have seen most of them and the plot is really believable. However, I randomly came across this video where she the actress used the name anna at netvideogirls.net From there I knew that website was fake...

  • Comment by: DwnWthVwls

    Score: 5% Date: 11/19/2008

    The videos are almost impossible to download. You have to have access to the site which the videos are hosted on, which is even more money.