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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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Kreme Fresh is a sitename that leaves you guessing. I had no clue what to expect when I entered the plain white pages and then I realized it was a BDSM site focusing on one Master and his slaves. It is created as a resource for Masters and slaves for different ways of binding, punishing and training a slave. It is not a porn site designed solely to turn on its viewers, as can be gathered by the less than easy navigational set-up.

It is mostly video clips that you'll find here, but there are a few photo sets. The easiest way to find them is to click on "updates" in the left-hand sidebar and this lists all videos and photos by date added. There are 10 photo sets each with only 10 or so photos. These pics are filled with hardcore BDSM scenes including bondage, spanking, fucking and humiliation. There are women with welts on their asses, with their boobs bound so tight they're turning blue and other kinds of tortures and punishments.

There are 57 videos, which play for around 15 minutes each. The sad thing is that the playback is below average. Each video concentrates on one slave and part of their training or correction. There's spankings, whippings and canings in punishment films and all kinds of bondage, breast, pussy lip clips and torture in the training videos. Also you will see Master Dane fucking his slaves, very often in the ass. This is brutal BDSM, don't sign up for this unless you're really into pain and humiliation. Some of these clips are very extreme, and even made me wince once or twice.

There isn't much in the way of bonus material, although there is a journal, which turns out to be a list of each slave and her statistics. Other than this, the photo sets and videos are all that you have access to, but the monthly subscription price is pretty low, so it could be worth at least one month's membership for some.

Kreme Fresh is an extreme BDSM site that could prove an invaluable source to Masters and slaves who are looking into new punishments and training techniques. It is not easy to navigate, but is updated weekly and it's cheap - so why not give it a go?

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