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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Shabby Virgins

Getting a look at some of these MILF bitches, it's not too hard to determine why they haven't had their cherry popped yet, or at least popped in front of a camera like they're about to on Old Virgins Young Boys.

OldVirginsYoungBoys certainly has a unique concept, but I find it a bit hard to swallow. Nonetheless, I will suspend my disbelief and see just how inexperienced the old bitches are!

First of all, this is a huge site and you get exclusive content and access to nine exclusive sites and another 102 video and 26 photo category bonuses. Unfortunately, you'll need these since this particular site hasn't been updated in almost nine months. However, there is so much to see here that anyone into a variety of niches will get their rocks off on the sheer amount of content.

There are 28 episodes in total and each scene comes with the virgins name and her age. There are roughly 124 photos in a set and I was expecting them too be poor quality, yet was pleasantly surprised that they were so crisp (1024x680). The lighting is bright and each set follows a similar pattern of a granny meeting a tag team of studs and then getting it on with all of them. It's a hell of a way to induct a virgin into hardcore!

Movies are offered as low or high quality streams (160k, 1130k). Once again I was taken off guard. The films are crisp and there is a handheld camera following all of the action. The films are European, so there is no English in the dialogue, but fortunately there isn't much in the way of talking. Clips are one-minute long and I could have used longer parts or even a full-length version because they don't download either.

The old gals aren't unappealing, in fact some of them are fairly sexy for their age. I watched a film with 49-year-old named Biatriss. She didn't look too inexperienced, but when the two dudes go her back to the apartment there was a doctor waiting to check her pussy and determine if she was indeed a virgin. According to him she must have been and from there she doles out her first blowjob and like a couple of horny teenagers putting a notch in their belt, the two guys pursue their hardcore deflowering of her.

The theme was just a little cheesy, but amusing. The quality of Old Virgins Young Boys was excellent and if it weren't for the sad state of updates I would probably have a really high recommendation. As it stands, updates suck, yet to keep you busy and without blue balls, there are a ton of exclusive and non-exclusive reality type-sites to keep you cumming.

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    i like granny. that i can see granny fuck movies