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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Deep In Her immediately makes me think of that ghetto phrasing that Mr. Anderson loves to use about getting "up inside" a gal's pussy. Creative use of grammar can be so hot when applied to the appropriate context. It's hard to say if in this situation one is thinking outside or "up inside the box."

At any rate, regardless of grammar, the one gaining access to a woman's portal of pleasure in the case of DeepInHer is neither beast nor stud, but the gal herself with her own fingers as well as an enticing assortment of dildos. However, despite the claim of drilling to great depths, the masturbatory content scratches the surface  of all the content actually available to you (sorry for the painful turn of phrase).

Unfortunately, the site is not likely to grow as there have been no updates in almost four years. In fact, the site looks exactly the same now as it did on our last visit.

There are 14 episodes of hot babes, each with a small set very nice-looking photos and a good-looking downloadable video split into about three five-minute scenes. The site refers to each scene as a separate movie, but that's stretching it a bit. In any case, they're all available as Windows Media files.

Although each of the three segments is further subdivided into even smaller parts, filming appears to be continuous even if sometimes the props change throughout the entire 15 minutes. At any rate, you can download the three longer files or the shorter mini-clips.

Diverse subjects are further covered in streaming videos and pictures and the extra MPEGs and bonus pictures are there for further masturbatory endeavors. ThThere are also seven bonus site Check out Naughty Best Friends, Pigtails Round Asses and Ass Like That for more hardcore action.

If you're looking for strictly masturbation content, those bonuses won't be doing you any favors, so whether it's worth signing up for or not should be pretty obvious. Deep In Her doesn't come close to making the cut as far as solo pussy-pleasuring porn is concerned.

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