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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I used to have a roommate who fantasized that the world would become frozen for a moment and then he could do whatever he wanted to a particular girl who was his ongoing infatuation since high school right through to college. He always claimed it wasn't that he would do anything inappropriate. It was more the idea of having the opportunity for control that was exciting to him in his fantasy. Time never stood still and he got over her soon enough.

Nevertheless, Hypno Girls offers one that elusive control over the mind and body of a beautiful chick. Perhaps what's most enticing to me about erotic hypnosis is that contrary to some of the portrayals of evil hypnotists in films and TV, no one can be hypnotized against her will. Therefore, despite perhaps behaving in an uninhibited manner contrary to her normal behavior, she is simply responding to an underlying willingness to perform certain acts publicly that she might otherwise only fantasize about privately.

Hypnofetishism was an unfamiliar term for me, although I had some vague recollection of hearing of folks with a hypnosis fetish. I expected that HypnoGirls would be a cheesy B-movie type of porn where the women would perform sex acts as if they were mindless zombie nymphomaniacs. However, the 90 models featured are simply filmed during a session of hypnosis where various suggestions of a sexual nature are made, in response some strip and others masturbate through their panties.

The subject might be told that a thousand tongues are licking her at once or that the guy with the world's biggest dick is fucking her for example. What we see are hundreds of regular resolution still photos and usually well over an hour and a half of footage of her reactions to these stimulating ideas implanted in her brain by the hypnotist. My only complaint would be that neither the average quality photos nor the below-average Windows Media clips are downloadable.

The extra content includes some live links and games as well as access to content on several other websites. Some of them offer full-access while others simply let you enjoy direct links to the members' areas. The additional content is of course quite different from the main theme with some softcore and some hardcore included into the mix.

A membership to Hypno Girls will definitely give you many hours of content even if it is streaming-only, so it seems worth it, besides the fact that although not the only erotic hypnosis site, it's a relatively special niche to fill.

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  • Comment by: nigel

    Score: 20% Date: 10/02/2010

    Content is excellent but lack of download is crippling. I would join again if they fixed this.