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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Generally, when I think of a website having personality I assume that it would be an individual model's site. Occasionally, I stumble across a site whose uniqueness comes from something deeper than the likes and dislikes of just one individual. Such is the case with Bossy Girls.

At BossyGirls you'll discover a certain eccentric quirkiness further emphasized by well-translated texts that, while being in perfect English, still hold onto the poetic phrasing of their original romantic language. Even if it's somewhat amateur in design and execution, it's hard not to feel an immediate fondness and familiarity toward it.

The video section has 89 exclusive productions, downloadable in a series of great-looking Windows Media and good-looking MPEG files. Many of these movies feature lush tropical backdrops, but rather modest interiors for any inside shoots. Despite being amateur productions, the natural beauty of the performers and the glimpses of breathtaking scenery makes you feel like you're in Femdom paradise.

I counted 81 galleries of teen Femdom action. Each was set was large and sometimes had several subsections. The scenes encompassed several types of servitude and submission, with lots of riding boys like ponies, sitting on faces, trampling and no sparing of the rod. There are an additional 25 "specials" that are sometimes a write-up with a single picture or a set of pictures or video from another Femdom site.

Throughout the other areas of the site, you find pictorials or sample clips from other sites used to illustrate various points. There are colorful descriptions of how nubile Femdom is a religion, how to worship a nubile goddess and some tutorials on being assertive or submissive depending on your role in this holy quest of female adoration. Extras include stories and live links.

Since our last visit, the site has been altered slightly, resulting in even more difficult navigation than before. Navigation is not straightforward as there are various dropdown menus at the top as well as links on the homepage, many of the pages have eclectic layouts unique from the rest of the site, some links are text only while others have thumbnails, some archived material is only available by request, etc. You feel like you're really exploring as you watch for that familiar cursor to appear to know what is a link and what is a stagnant image.

It's hard to say whether this site wins or not. The redesign was supposed to solve problems but seems to have created more and in terms of viewing experience, it's not a terribly pleasant site to visit. On the other hand, the price is definitely right for the collection you get and some might find exploring a labyrinth of teen Dommes exciting. If you want to enjoy something different from most then you might like Bossy Girls.

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  • Comment by: Lila Sovietskaya

    Score: 90% Date: 04/13/2013

    The review is from 2009, rather old. The site has a good navigation menu. There are more than 100 hours of videos. Over a 1000 pages on free side. The price is now $39.95 and $19.95 month. It does not have the typical look and feel of porno sites who offer only a few previews and solicit subscriptions or typical tube site with many redirects or a banner farm. It offers good entertainment and offers many services. It also offers free media to those willing top work to promote the site Take an hour to explore it