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Derrick Rogers 

By: Derrick Rogers
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Puta Locura is a Spanish phrase that loosely translates to "chick madness" - and it also happens to be the name of a Spanish porn site. No, these hot Latin babes haven't gone mentally insane. But they do have an insatiable hunger for cock and a thirst for cum. Luckily for them, there are plenty of horny guys around ready to make their dreams of getting fucked come true!

It's a good thing I took Spanish back in high school and am able to understand some of it, otherwise I would've been lost on the PutaLocura's homepage. It took me a while to find the English translation button, which is located near the top, and I probably would've found it sooner if the page wasn't so cluttered. There are ads for a cam site littered about, which can get distracting.

After all, we're just here to watch some hot babes straight from Spain get down and dirty. And this is where the collection shines brightest. There are 2,440 videos that can be streamed and downloaded in MP4s (or in the case of some older updates downloaded in Windows Media files) with high-def playback - once you find the right place to download them from, that is.

The English version of the site doesn't have any download links. You simply right-click on the streaming player to "save as" and that gets you a good-quality version for the most part. The Spanish interface has "DESCARGAR EL VIDEO COMPLETO: SD 360p HD 720p," which translates to "Download the complete video," followed by standard and high-def download links.

The dialogue is always in Spanish without English subtitles, so it doesn't matter where you download them from. I should also clarify that some of the footage doesn't look quite as impressive as its bit rates imply. I think it's sometimes a question of overly bright lights and questionable camerawork that makes some scenes seemed washed out and/or blurry at times.

The site advertises 849 models and while I didn't get a chance to view all of them in action, I think I saw enough to know what they offer. There are plenty of hot blondes and brunettes who talk dirty in their native language and smile before they give head on camera. Others can't wait to get their tight pussies filled with dick and a few threesomes take place.

I saw a blonde cutie named Nuria take on two dicks at the same time and a spunky redhead named Lilyan eagerly took on four big cocks that circled around her head like a shark in the ocean. Most babes have no problem getting their faces splattered in cum, but a few take pleasure in swallowing. It's too bad there aren't any photo sets - a lot of these Latinas are definitely worth looking at in still shots.

You will see four screenshots below the embedded player for each scene and they give you an idea of what happens in the video, but they serve no other purpose, because clicking on any of them doesn't take you to the corresponding part of the scene.

It's slow going to navigate through all the content, because you only get "previous" and "next" page links. You don't need to be very good at math to figure out that it takes a lot of clicking to get to the halfway mark in the list of vids, let alone all the way to the end.

There is a basic search field and you can rate the content and add comments. However, although the homepage lists sections denoting the highest-rated scenes and those most downloaded, you can only see the top 16 in each section.

New vids are added daily for the most part, so you won't have to worry about the well going dry any time soon. If you do want to check out something different, the site offers a blog and, of course, there are all those live cams, but they cost extra. In the end, if you want to watch some authentic Latina porn, check out Puta Locura.

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