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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I have seen some implausible premises for porn sites, but this one is particularly humorous, even if all the boys seem to take it quite seriously. Now I know that many young men dream of becoming a star, but I hope that even the most gullible of those dreamers would be suspicious of someone suggesting that Sordid Auditions could get them into Hollywood.

Of course, there have been tales of legendary casting couches, even for male movie stars, and even if a casting director isn't expecting a man to do anything overtly sexual, I do imagine that he or she could ask an actor to take off his shirt just to make sure that a prospect for a role was comfortable with nudity. However, SordidAuditions takes it further by requesting masturbation and anal fingering.

What makes me giggle is that instead of it being a person requesting that the dudes perform various acts, it's a synthesized voice. It is quite hilarious to see the crestfallen expression that comes over a guy's face when a robotic voice says to him just after he's jerked off for the camera as requested, "Dir-tee fuck-in slut, wheel let you know."

Presumably there is a human being in the room filming these studs, although if they need a prop, like a glass to piss into, it is tossed to them from off-camera. At least a couple of the 20 videos involve glass butt plugs being shoved into virgin assholes. They have long handles inspired by the less common expression, "I would fuck him with a 10-foot pole."

The videos turns out to be mostly good in quality when you download them in the Windows Media format, although sometimes the quality is merely average. There are also poor-quality MP4s to download and you can stream them in Flash files. You can also check out large, sharp vid caps for every scene.

Only the most recent scene is dated, but it's clear that this site hasn't been updated in over a month. Plus, I have to say that the membership is rather expensive so it's particularly irksome that the usually short vids end in ads for another website - and there aren't any bonus sites. All in all, Sordid Auditions is too small at the moment to be worth joining.

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