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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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It's the beginning of March and after a long winter, I'm ready for some fun in the sun, so what better way to get myself prepared than visiting Enrique's Beach.

While the site looks spectacular on the tour, I was much less impressed by the EnriquesBeach members' page. It's simplistic and consists of dated links, each of which shows preview thumbnails. However, there are no sections for pics and vids. Sometimes it's written and other times it's not. There's aren't many vids, but if I didn't count all of the content, I might have missed the ones that weren't marked. Once you bypass this slight irritation, the content makes up for everything the design and navigation lack.

There's a total of four videos. Technically, the site alludes to more but many links were broken. I found a few formats for downloading such as a poor-quality Windows Media, an average-quality QuickTime and DivX and a great-quality AVI file. However, this site is really about candid photography.

Each date consists of at the very least three pic sets and many contain from four to eight sets. There's exclusive content shot by Enrique as well as submissions by contributors. There are a total of 1,550 photo sets, which is more than an ample number for this beach to acquire top marks for content.

As mentioned, what makes this site so spectacular are the photos. I loved each and every one that I looked at. All are candid shots of women in bikinis, topless and sometimes nude and you can immediately tell that the photographer knows what he's doing and sure as hell knows what he wants. There are a couple of different sizes and they're so crystal clear that when you see a shot of a gal, her knees up and thighs parted, you practically feel as if you could go swimming in her pussy. Although there are different qualities, all the photos are high-res and I seriously bet there isn't another voyeur site on the market with photos that can turn you on as much as these will.

Despite the organization, wading through the links is well worth the time for voyeurs who love exceptional, candid photography of unknowing bikini-wearing beach bunnies, nudists and street party babes. Enrique's Beach is a place that voyeur photo enthusiasts must visit before they die.

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  • Comment by: StraightNSkinny

    Score: 2% Date: 01/12/2014

    Pro: high resolution shots, as promised

    Cons: mediocre images, excessive repeated shots

    Don't waste your money!