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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I would have definitely pledged a fraternity back in college if I had known that to get in would involve the kind of kinky homosexual rituals that unfold on Frats Gone Gay Mobile. You'll witness pledges stripped naked, sucking cock, tossing the salad and having anal sex just as they do on Haze Him Mobile, because these two sites are the same.

I guess that once you've done the kind of "male bonding" seen on FratsGoneGayMobile (and HazeHimMobile), the other guys will be bros until you die. Then again, what you've been up to isn't any kind of secret among men, because supposedly the frats knowingly filmed and submitted the flicks to compete for a $10,000 prize. In some scenes, you'll even hear chants of "Give us the 10 grand!"

A new scene hasn't been shot in ages, but at least the 77 videos are each about 30 minutes long and can seem positively epic in some cases, with so much fresh young dick on display. Besides outright gay hardcore action, you'll also see dudes (sometimes girls too) partying as well as homoerotic horseplay, like Jell-O wrestling, which is titillating, but not quite pornographic.

I would say that when I think of frat boys I tend to think of big, intimidating jocks and I guess that's how you might describe some of the pledge masters. Well, they're maybe not massive height-wise, but they're often more muscular than the pledges who qualify as twinks, which lends itself to fantasies of physical and mental domination.

They also throw in some average dudes who might be a little bit pudgy and not every guy has a huge cock, making it more believable that these are user-submitted flicks, even if they're probably produced by pros rather than random frat bros. That too can fill a fantasy as you see everyday Joes getting to go down on or get fucked by much hotter guys who would turn any straight a bit gay.

I would say that the videos look excellent, but you may be disappointed to find out that there aren't any photos. What's more of a disappointment though is that the navigation is very basic, so there's no advanced search, you can't save your favorites and you can only move through the content, forward or back, by one page at a time.

There aren't any bonus sites either and, as I mentioned before, this collection isn't growing. Even so, Frats Gone Gay Mobile seems worth checking out, because you really can't go wrong with scenes of wall-to-wall college-aged cocks and taut asses.

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