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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I've sat through a few marathons of the reality TV show "Pawnstars." Clearly a play on the word "pornstars," I have seen the buyers on the program occasionally screwed over by customers' fake items that turn out to be virtually worthless and maybe in turn they screw a few sellers by buying something on the cheap, but never in the way it goes down on Gay Pawn.

I've noticed from the television episodes that some people decide to pawn something on a whim when they don't really need the money and those folks will say "no thanks" easily enough if they don't like how much they're offered. Others are short on cash, so they're more likely to settle than dash out the door and it's these kinds of dudes who appear on GayPawn - broke and desperate.

They are so in need of the greenbacks, in fact, that they'll actually lie on their backs or bend over a desk in the pawn shop's backroom to receive a good hard ass pounding. Granted they don't go for broke straightaway, because first it's shirtless posing that progresses to the flashing of their naughty bits. Then a little groping ensues, followed by them playing the role of cocksucker as foreplay to anal.

We are assured that all six excellent-looking videos are the real deal, as humorous as that seems. I mean, let's face it: "Pawnstars" is probably at least partially scripted or has scenes reenacted for the camera. Still, here they blur out one of the guy's faces as if he's a real-life pawn shop owner who doesn't want to be exposed as a pervert. Oh, and there are only vid caps in case you're wondering.

Even if they have found some amateur studs to play the part of straight guys convincingly enough, the hunks are also superhot for the most part, so it seems unlikely that they're just everyday dudes willing to swing both ways and randomly wandering in to pawn some things. Still, I never let any difficulties in suspending my disbelief get in the way of enjoying some man-on-man blowjobs and gay sex.

You don't get access to any additional sites, though you can access Gay Pawn Mobile, so that's a bonus of sorts I suppose. Meanwhile, they've only added four videos in the last 30 days and if they keep adding scenes at that rate it will take a while for the site to grow. So for the time being, Gay Pawn is just too small to recommend.

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