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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Parole Him claims that their footage of parole officers consorting with their parolees is the result of a internal investigation, but I definitely recognized at least one performer from another gay site. Despite the fact that you're not really seeing the dirty side of law enforcement being exposed, you will find that the rough bareback sex will let you live out some of your bad-boy fantasies.

They've cast the roles well on ParoleHim, because these officers of the law are the perfectly gruff and relatively buff daddies you'd expect them to be. The criminals on parole are young jocks, both lean fuckers and beefier bodybuilders with lots of tats and beards, or scruffy facial hair, so they hold a real thug appeal.

I am not going to say that the dialogue doesn't get repetitive, because the precoital sweet nothings the lawmen yell rather than whisper into the ears of their bad-boy charges can seem less than creative. However, if you want a more intellectually engaging, albeit less sexual look, into the criminal justice system, watch a Dick Wolf crime drama. Me, I'm fine with fewer words and more rough bareback sex.

The only dates mentioned on the site are all from 2009, but that's all part of the whole back story about them being genuine spy cam tapes that were discovered a year after the fact as part of an official investigation into misconduct in a parole office in the State of Florida. This site actually dates back to 2012 and unfortunately it would seem that it stopped updated some time during 2013.

This means you will never find more than the 24 videos currently offered (there aren't any photos) that come to you in good-looking streaming MP4s. There is no option to download them and although the embedded player does have an option marked "HD" none of the playback looks quite that impressive.

They're trying to help you suspend your disbelief I guess by having scenes that can sometimes have a bit of poor lighting, slightly out of focus shots and filming from awkward angles so it seems possible they were shot on the fly by hidden cams. The flicks can also have abrupt scene cuts, presumably to make it seem like they're pieced together from the recovered footage of several clandestine cameras.

All in all, I like the raunchy intensity of the man-on-man action here. Whether you're seeing face-fucking make a nasty cocksucker gag or an asshole being worked over hard by one or two angry fuckers, its manly testosterone-charged raunchiness. Given Parole Him's modest number of streaming-only vids, being into rough gay sex is the only reason to join.

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