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Updated on: 05/30/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1383
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Since we last visited BrasilExtreme...

  • There are nearly two dozen more videos, but they might be rotating content.
  • The video quality is lower.

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If you like it extreme, then head to Brazil. They've got exotic fruits that are so sweet, they'll affect you more than the spiciest peppers in the world. Also, there's all the sex. No, seriously, Brazilians are considered to be the most open when it comes to sex as well as some of the hottest babes in the world. On Brasil Extreme, you can see why they earned those titles.

BrasilExtreme offers up a smorgasbord of hardcore smut that shares only two things in common. One is that nothing is boring vanilla sex and the other is that each scene stars sexy Brazilian babes. The tamest vids here are guy/gal pairings, but they still offer intense anal and vaginal drilling as well as impressive cumshots at the end. You'll also find plenty of gangbangs and all-out orgies.

It looks like you're getting a mix of babes who are new to the industry, one-timers and amateur models. However, each chick has that sexy blonde or black hair on tanned skin that you've come to know and love on Brazilian babes. Some have small tits, other have big boobs and it's random as to whether they'll have implants or be all-natural. Some of the gangbangs even end with titty bukkakes.

Updates are supposedly something like more three or four times a week according to how the content is dated, but something doesn't quite add up here. We last visited this site in June 2014 and if it had been updating that frequently you'd expect that the site would have a lot more than just 58 videos by this point.

Also, given that it's 2016, people expectations run quite a bit higher than they did even two years ago when it comes to video quality and oddly enough this site has taken a huge step backward in that regard. Apparently, you used to be able to count on great-quality playback, but now the footage is average in quality at best.

They all come with unimpressive vid caps and the only consolation that I can offer, for those disappointed that there aren't any actual photos featuring Brazilian beauties being boned, is that you do get bonus pics. There's a section linking to where you'll find a big mix of fetish and bondage galleries.

Presentation issues aside, my favorite scene stars a beautiful blonde and it starts midway through a gangbang. At first, she's surrounded by cocks, while being fucked hard in the ass. But then after some DP action, she kneels down and pulls her golden locks up onto her head, before arching her back so as to present her massive tits to the crowd as a canvas to be painted in cumshot after cumshot.

That particular scene is memorable and it also confirms to me that they have rotated at least some of the content. For now though, we'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they're adding at least some new material. That will help their score a little as does the redesigned members' area that lets you save favorites, add keyword tags and do advanced searches.

You also get access to all the many other Extreme Movie Pass sites, like Wild Group Sex, Deep Throat and Crazy Monster Cock. But even if some of the additional sites that you can access are worthwhile, it still doesn't change the fact that Brasil Extreme is extremely average and not worth recommending. There's just too much better Brazilian porn out there on the market.

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