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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I find that often VOD sites sort of bombard you with a lot of DVDs covering a wide range of subcategories within the gay niche. That approach is effective enough I suppose if someone has diverse tastes, but I think that I prefer the route taken by Bear Boxxx, where it specializes in one specific category for the most part with some overlap into other related fetishes.

For example, you have daddies doing it with younger guys and I'd say some of these graying gays qualify more as otters than bears - and they don't necessarily hook up with boys who fit the definition of a cub either. Now I thought that I might say the same about some of the BDSM flicks, but upon further investigation it seems that most of the leather-clad studs filling the dungeon sets really fit the BearBox bill.

Anyway, I'm doing my best judging some of these films, but there aren't any photos and you only get a limited number of screen caps for each DVD rather than a whole slew of them. I should also explain that you're getting 147 full-length DVDs here rather than seeing them split up into their scenes.

There is a streaming preview for each DVD, but there are no player controls, so you have to wait until playback progresses on its own. Obviously, once you start to use your minutes to watch something then you have the chance to jump forward or back in the footage and there's a filmstrip of screen caps across the bottom of the player that you can use as a guides to find specific parts of the action.

The good-quality streams can look a bit pixelated or blocky even without opening them up into full screen. You should still enjoy watching the films, but given the playback, ideally you would have the option of doubling or even tripling the player in size, because filling the screen makes any choppy outlines of objects or people more obvious.

You have two recurring options when buying viewing time: 250 minutes and 500 minutes. If you don't want to deal with a rebill, there is a one-time option for 1,000 minutes, but it is less economical than the 500-minute plan. At any rate, as far as VOD pricing goes, all your choices here are good value for the money, so Bear Boxxx seems worthwhile even with some minor playback issues.

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