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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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Poison Ivy is a weed that will give you a nasty rash if rubbed the wrong way (it's also the name of a really sexy Batman villainess. Just sayin'). The Ivy on Hot Fatty Girl always rubs you the right way, though. Her site is filled with content that will get you rubbing yourself in no time, too.

HotFattyGirl is more than just an SBBW site, though. It's Ivy's official site and it shows her stripping and posing, yes, but also there are other kinds of content. My favorites are when she tries to squeeze into clothes she's outgrown months or even years ago.

Speaking of growing, she's always in the process of trying to put on more weight. She even documented her progress in 2010 and 2011, which included regular weigh-ins, measurement-taking and videos showing her downing massive weight-gainer shakes that ranged from 1,500 to 3,000 calories each (for those who don't know, the general rule of thumb is that 3,500 calories equals a pound of fat).

She's definitely making progress, because the newer the scene, the larger she looks. In fact, she looks like she's doubled in size compared to her oldest videos. A great way of getting an idea as to how big she's become is to watch the videos where she costars with other babes. She's always the bigger of the two, even when the other is a BBW in her own right. In one scene with a regular sized chick, she looks three times larger.

The tour promises a minimum of four updates a month, but nothing in the members' area is dated. That said, you do get 356 movies and 119 picture sets. The pics can't be saved in Zip folders and the movies aren't available for streaming, but I found tons of HD videos and only high-res shots.

The navigation and design could use some work. The homepage shows you three text links, one linking you to something called "The Weight Gain Experiment," another to the videos and the third to a photo section. However, the video and blog links literally "hop" out of the way of your mouse when you try to click them. Click on the link to the photo section and you'll be taken to a gallery index that divides into five sections.

One is where you'll find the videos, another is dedicated to the newer image galleries, and the third holds archived photo sets. The other two sections are actually two picture sets, one getting you candid moments behind the scenes and the other is a "now and then" gallery that has Ivy posing in the same position as certain shots from years back so that you can see how much more weight she's gained since those first shots were taken.

While the navigation and design are definitely lackluster, they'll far from dissuade you from wanting to join up here. There aren't any extras, but with all those extra folds on Ivy, I doubt that'll bother you. This Hot Fatty Girl is one you won't want to miss out on.

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