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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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The name Asian Ephebes is a rather unusual name, because "ephebes" is the anglicized version of a Greek word that referred to young men of training age in ancient Greece and Rome. It would generally be during the late teens or early 20s, so for the purposes of this porn site, they're basically twisting it around to mean "twinks" I think. Granted at least one dude is 28.

It looks like AsianEphebes has added about two updates in the last 30 days. Tthey seem to track down these young Asians in Thailand, although at least one boy was born in Laos and another's ethnicity is Khmer, so he's from Cambodia. What I love about these models in general is that they are hard-bodied specimens - even though some of them are really slim, every inch of their tiny physiques is pure lean muscle.

There are 26 videos that can be streamed online in an embedded Flash player and downloaded in two MP4s, the one labeled "BEE quality" delivering standard high-def playback and the second one is clearly marked as a Full HDversion. You can also download 17 photo sets in Zip files and they have some high-res pics.

I have to say that when I see svelte boys like this who are basically hairless except for their trimmed pubes the first thing that runs through my mind is being able to lick them from stem to stern with nothing slowing me down. Granted some of these dudes might not be up for that, because you've got gay guys and straight ones, so some models simply get nude, then masturbate.

You'll see a few couples who hookup for gay sex. After looking at two of them, I'm not sure they're always the most passionate of encounters, but the guys don't have any issues performing. It's more that there's no music and really no talking, you just hear the ambient sounds of the hotel room, the clicking of the camera and some rather quiet sex sounds.

I didn't check them all out, though, because whether you go for the videos or the photos, you will have to download them in .RAR files first, then unpack them to retrieve the images or vids. Its a bit of work, so I didn't take the time, but I suppose a full-time member wouldn't be so put out.

At any rate, a membership isn't very expensive, so I wouldn't let the little hiccup with downloading the files hold you back from joining. After all, you definitely won't see these scenes anywhere else and even if the production values aren't necessarily that high, Asian Ephebes has crisp footage of Asian twinks

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  • Comment by: SINSAMUT

    Score: 85% Date: 06/06/2014

    WOW! So nice boys, very sexy! I like that site. Always eager watching new videos, every 4-5 days. Could it be every 2-3 days instead? This new site is amazing Thailand, believe me.
    Great scenes, great FHD quality, great close-ups!
    This site really deserves a better ranking! It is new, sure!
    Simply a great job!

  • Comment by: Seb

    Score: 90% Date: 06/05/2014

    Definitely my favorite asian porn site out there. i joined at the begining and immedialy saw the potential to be one of best!

  • Comment by: Stephan

    Score: 100% Date: 06/04/2014

    Great videos. Including cum shots.

  • Comment by: Tom

    Score: 78% Date: 06/04/2014

    Il y a beaucoup plus d'updates que vous dites. J'adore les petits minets asiatiques et ceux la sont super mignons et naturels. Je me suis abonne direct ! ;-)

  • Comment by: Micadi

    Score: 80% Date: 06/04/2014

    I love this site!
    Obviously, you didn't review this site for a long while. I noticed 8 new videos in May Only and now a total of 35 videos!

    Boys are beautiful and have smooth skins, in average! Natural acting! Really need to encourage this site, I believe still can improve by the time!

    Sad from your poor rating! This site is surely more valued than 66/100 you gave on your last review!
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/04/2014): Thanks for the comment, Micadi. Surely, if the site continues to grow and improve the RabbitScore should increase as well when we update our review in a few months.