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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Now although the amount of content definitely plays an important part in determining which sites are worth your money, when it comes to impressive scenes, like on, you sometimes have to admit that quality can almost make up for a lack of quantity. So, in other words, I'm immediately struck by the high production values in this collection.

Granted this site is in a niche that tends to be polarized as far as its production quality goes, because often you're getting either extremely elegant content filmed against elaborate backdrops or you're faced with homemade material shot in makeshift dungeons. Both have their value, but I'll admit that the refined, near-flawless approach of allows me to become fully engulfed in the fantasy.

Another confession that must be made is that I do have a bias toward BDSM being performed by Brits. It's not only that somehow a posh British accent seems ideal when a Master or Mistress is commanding a submissive to do his or her bidding, but also I find that a good number of women from the U.K. have the high cheekbones and angular features that fit so perfectly with my image of a tough Dominatrix.

That said, one thing I like about this selection of 33 videos is that you'll see a mix of mostly male domination over female subs, with a decent number of Femdom scenes where either a man or a woman plays the role of slave. I also am quite happy to report that all the vids come in HD and/or Full HD and there are a few different files to choose from.

Before I elaborate further on the shoots, I need to confess another thing that I like about what's on offer here. I know some BDSM purists probably don't care or maybe even prefer there not to be any hardcore sex involved, but I am a simple man, so I can't help enjoying the kinky play being mixed in, with handjobs, toy play, cunnilingus, fellatio and penetrative sex.

You can also check out the same action in 33 photo galleries that also include a few poses outside of what happens in the flicks. As only seems appropriate when the movies have such impressive high-def playback, you have your choice of a few high-res options when you download them in their Zip files.

Updates are done on a weekly basis and, in the meantime, you can always check out the streaming bonus videos that cover a wide range of categories. These apparently change every two weeks. Bonuses aside, though, is still a bit small to get a strong recommendation, even if its scenes are spectacular.

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