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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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While all those hot coeds are out there partying, we're hard at work doing our review of Spring Break Fantasy. There's just something about the sun, the surf and the time off from studying that seems to bring the exhibitionist out in every gal. That's okay since their flashing brings out the voyeur in any red-blooded male, not to mention a few females too (based on the reactions of some of my lady coworkers here in the office).

This particular genre has some well-established and well-known competitors on the market, so when I first read the sitename I thought it would be a badly produced, generic rip-off, but I was wrong. Ironically, it seems that being less famous (or infamous some might say) has caused SpringBreakFantasy to compete by producing better quality content.

For example, currently there are 114 galleries. The pics of candid bikini-clad beach revelers and partygoers are not only high-res, but also sometimes extra-large as well. You definitely have the impression that many shots are taken on the sly, but unlike so many other so-called voyeur sites, this one lets you see the details clearly, without compromise. (Which is the perfect Peeping Tom experience, don't you think?) It isn't all good news, though.

There are only six great-quality videos and you don't get any full-length files. You get either a couple clips to as many as 16 for one video. Another downside to the collection is the fact that the movies can't be downloaded, only streamed in Windows Media files.

This site has many chicks misbehaving badly - you'd be surprised what some will do to win a $50 cash prize. (You would be surprised to see what I would do for $50!) The videos are most often shot during bikini contests, a daisy duke-to-duke competition, a salsa wrestling match and from various spy cams.

When I read the other section headings I wasn't expecting much, but again I stand corrected. You'll find bonus sites to enjoy, each with high-res galleries and more streaming videos. The subscription is similar or even a bit lower than other sites, so Spring Break Fantasy might be okay for some coed voyeur fanatics - as long as your fanatisism is geared toward pics rather than vids.

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