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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I like the sitename More Than A Girl because in a way that's exactly what you're getting. However, it turns out that you're really getting the same content as Tranny Star Network.

In the case of Tgirl sites, there's often a tradeoff in quality somewhere along the way. More often than not, it's with the videos. In the case of MoreThanAGirl, that's not the case. The drawback here is the lack of updates, with the last one being in 2008.

The 102 videos are mostly taken from a DVD series that's actually called "More Than A Woman." However, the network consists of 301 videos, so you're getting a lot more. You can stream the movies in an embedded player and download them in a couple of MP4 formats. There's one that offers good-quality payback and another that works with mobile devices.

You can sort them in a number of ways and also use category tags to find ones that'll appeal to you, which you can then add to your favorites folder. There aren't any photos, but there are vid caps to go with each movie they aren't all that bad. They're a decent size and relatively clear. There's a good mix of female-on-shemale and male-on-shemale scenarios, plus multiple shemale-on-man scenes too.

One minor issue was that in one of the clips I watched the supposed transsexual would be better described as less than a girl. To be blunt, she did not resemble a she at all. Not just for the obvious pre-op reasons, but also because she didn't have any breasts. Other than dressing like a woman I would classify her as 100 percent male.

That was just one clip, though, and it didn't hold true for every scene I checked out. Some babes were sporting big breasts along with their below-the-belt surprises and many of them will have you convinced that they are female right up to the moment that their panties come off.

More Than A Girl has hot content, but, as mentioned before, it isn't updating. The website is worth visiting, but given its lack of growth, you probably won't stick around once you've seen all that it has to offer. Plus, if you've already joined TrannyStarNetwork, then there's no point.

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  • Comment by: bennyx709

    Score: 25% Date: 06/04/2011

    Potential members should be aware of the fact that all of the supposedly "new" videos on this site are scenes ripped off of DVDs made up to 12 years ago. Not worth even the bargain price

  • Comment by: bob

    Score: 35% Date: 10/13/2008

    has not been updated in months, all the other sites you get ar nice but at the end of the day i joined for tgirl stuff not generic hardcore