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Adam Strong

By: Adam Strong
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As a bit of a geek and a lover of good stories, I've watched plenty of Japanese television shows over the years, both live action and anime. However, I've never come across a series as engaging as the ones found on Piss Japan TV. The acting really brings out the waterworks – and I'm not talking about tears from dramatic performances here.

Before going any further, let me clarify that I don't even know for certain if these shows actually appeared on Japanese television networks before. In fact, I kind of doubt they did, because everything PissJapanTV covers is, as you've probably guessed, peeing related. Right now, there are only two shows: "Girls Pissing" and "Piss & Pussy."

"Girls Pissing" focuses on staged voyeurism. I say staged because it's got a hidden camera operator following from afar with a shaky, grainy camera, but once the babe has finished peeing (always in a secluded public place like an empty alley), it then shows a higher-quality replay from several other camera angles, all of which the babe must clearly have known about. "Piss & Pussy" follows exhibitionists who flirt with and flash the camera before peeing in public. The dialogue is in Japanese without subtitles.

As you might expect from a TV series, there aren't any photos. However, each video does come with vid caps. There's a photo section, but clicking it only takes you to where you can find all the screen grab collections. There's also a favorites section.

As for the movies, you'll find 27 TV episodes and a new one is added once a week. Each scene comes in good quality for both downloading and streaming and there's also an additional HD download option for each vid.

It initially looks like you're getting more movies than what I mentioned, but keep in mind that when you first sign in, you're taken to the homepage for Sex Japan TV. From there, you need to filter by site or else all the material shows up together. The third site is Voyeur Japan TV.

The other sites aren't your only extra. You can also check out a series of DVD feeds that focus on more Asian porn. Some titles are from Japan, while others star Asian-American hotties.

The main collection is a little small, but considering how niche-specific it is, the fact that it's updating regularly and how the content is all high in quality, I recommend checking it out anyway.

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