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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I think part of fantasizing about masculine men, whether straight, gay or bi, involves being dominated by them or maybe dominating them. But whichever way you picture that Dom/sub dynamic panning out (or even if you just imagine the playing field being even), you want balls-to-the-wall raunchy man-on-man action and that's what Kink Men Archive delivers.

Lately, I've noticed some sites (especially ones featuring gay-for-pay guys) filming scenes that are very vanilla in flavor. They deliver a sanitized version of gay sex, where no one seems to break a sweat and every movement is carefully choreographed, so godlike physiques are showcased only from the most flattering angles. Thankfully, on KinkMenArchive, you get sweaty and awkwardly contorted bods.

You still get your handjobs, blowjobs, rimming and anal penetration, but there's also bondage, nude wrestling, CBT and edge play. You'll see those acts incorporated into some rather intense gangbangs filmed in unconventional locations, like a skater shop or in one case opening up with a public flogging at the Folsom Street Fair. You will also see guys take on mechanized dildos.

The performers, in my opinion, are ideal. Although they've got amateur appeal in some cases (looking like the boy next door when they show up in their street clothes), when they get naked they turn out to be mostly lean jocks and beefy musclemen. You'll see lots of body and facial hair as well as tattoos and piercings, although you've got your clean-cut, smooth-skinned cuties too.

All told, you can check out 764 episodes and most of the videos have high-def playback. Although I didn't take the time to double-check every update, some might have vid caps instead of the high-res pics you'll usually find. In terms of the site design, I am not in love with the setup even if it looks good at first glance.

Let me start by explaining that the content is split into five categories: bondage, wrestling, gangbang, edging and fucking machines. That's fine, but when you go into one of these sections, in order to expand the list of movies, you need to keep clicking "show more videos." This ends up creating a very long list that eventually involves a lot of scrolling.

Furthermore, there is no way to save your favorites and as far as any quick search options, the interface is lacking there as well. There are no keyword tags, nor will you find an advanced search. The performers in a scene are linked and you can follow it to see their other performances, but, even so, there isn't a way to actually browse by model.

This final piece of info may turn some of you off and it's that a membership is very expensive. However, you have to realize how much more expensive it would be to join the various sites from which this one takes its compilation of scenes, like Men On Edge, Bound Gods, Bound In Public and Naked Kombat.

With that in mind, Kink Men Archive might just be worth splurging on for the massive amount of spunk it delivers. And I almost forgot to tell you that you can count on very frequent updates. For example, there have been 18 scenes added in the last 30 days alone.

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