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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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Infotainment be damned. Having grown up on Superman comics and both majoring and minoring in English,  I've developed quite a lot of disdain for what's known as yellow journalism and also for news reports that try to spice up their deliveries by adding a ton of sensationalism. Yellow journalism is a terrible thing! Pink journalism is awesome, though. No, not news reported by women for women, but rather any journalism that lets you see some pink pussy! On Naked News, you come pretty close to getting that.

You've probably already heard of NakedNews before, but in case you haven't, it's an actual newscast site with a major twist. All of its anchors strip while reporting their segments. The site went live to much shock in 1999 back when its only anchor was Victoria Sinclair (who is still smoking hot and still the lead anchor, by the way).

Some anchors start off in the power suits you'd typically associate with news reporters, while others show up in nothing but bras and panties. Most of these women clearly have the chops to be successful mainstream newscasters yet instead choose to let us see them strip down and take a look at their amazing tits and pussies. They don't spread their pussy lips for you or masturbate, though. After all, this is serious news and not playtime!

There are roughly 4,695 videos, with almost all of them being news segments. Each newscast is broken up into either six or seven segments, just like an actual news report would be on TV. There are also amateur audition videos to spot who should be the next anchor and softcore models who were interviewed by the NakedNews team.

Each of those interviews also comes with a photo set. You'll also find that each anchor has posed for a softcore spread at the bottom of their model bio pages. Combined, this gets you 94 pic sets. You unfortunately can't save any of them in a Zip folder, which is a shame because they're beautifully shot and all appear to be high-res images.

As for the vids, they vary in quality based on how old the report is. However, most of the vids are HD and the newer ones even provide Full HD options. You can download and stream each segment as well as opt for the whole day's reports in one large file.

Just like the real world, news happens all the time, so I wasn't surprised to see that there's more news almost every day of the week (just not Saturdays). This means you're looking at over 140 segments over the course of a month. If that's still not enough for you, you can check out the vintage section, which has a large assortment of classic segments from over the years prior to 2011.

Naked News was newsworthy when it first debuted over a decade ago and, in my humble opinion, it's still worthy of your time and money. With generally high-quality footage, incredibly hot anchors, very frequent updates and an original premise, this is a great site by porn standards. That's saying nothing about how it makes for a great alternative to FOX News or CNN and the like.

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