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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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I thought I owned a lot of Japanese porn, but JAV Bunny's collection absolutely dwarfs mine. It's got a whole lot of movies  to offer and they aren't short flicks either. These things are long, so they're sure to keep you - and your hands - busy for a very long time.

Links to movies being watched by other members and to the newest films are the first things you see when you sign in. You can choose to have the full collection of vids sorted in a few different ways. You can also arrange things so that only the HD ones, or those featuring specific kinds of sex acts or certain kinds of girls are displayed. These options come in very handy. There's a built-in search function that's useful as well.

There are 2,357 full-length films for you to check out. They're supposed to be exclusive to the website, so you're unlikely to find them elsewhere. I can confirm that they're authentic Japanese productions. That's great in a lot of ways, but it's also bad in the sense that you're stuck having to contend with scenes in which cocks and pussies are just a big mess of pixels.

You can stream and download the videos in MP4s format, but they do vary in quality. Out of the bunch, there are only 157 movies that are offered in Full HD, but those that aren't really don't look all that bad. Hell, I came across a flick that merely offered average-quality playback, but was still very easy on the eyes.

There's a little something for everyone among the movies, at least everyone who enjoys watching Japanese women get naughty, that is. They feature lesbian sex, bondage, dick sucking, hardcore fucking, anal and more. You also get to see cuties in a wide variety of costumes, so don't be surprised to see babes dressed as schoolgirls, cheerleaders or characters from popular cartoons.

I'm sorry to report that there aren't any photos. There aren't even any vid caps. Another thing lacking is dates on the content. I have no idea how often they post new material, but even if there are long delays between updates, it's not like there isn't a ridiculous amount of footage to keep busy with.

With a wealth of content, JAV Bunny is a great destination for fans of authentic Japanese porn. It could improve itself by making little changes here and there, but it's a solid site overall.

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