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Updated on: 03/22/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Since we last visited 30MinutesOfTorment...

  • Thirty-nine videos have been added, with one recent addition. Just keep in mind that before it, they had gone almost a year without adding anything new.
  • This site is now integrated into the members' area and the pagination is very limited, because you can only move forward with a "more" button with no option to go back.

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Sometimes I don't understand a sitename and this would be one of those instances. 30 Minutes Of Torment suggests to me that a guy is being subjected to some form of BDSM for roughly half an hour. I'd normally demand my money back after learning this is not the case, but keep in mind that it's only incorrect because most of the slaves are being tormented for just shy of a full hour. In other words, I think it's worth forgiving any false advertisement, wouldn't you agree?

30MinutesOfTorment is now a channel that will be preselected on the homepage when you first sign in. Just be aware that the navigation isn't ideal here, because you can only move through the content one page at a time using a "more" button. There's no "previous" option to find your way back.

This collection gives you toned studs subjected to three kinds of torturous BDSM situations, including The Pit, The Chair and The Water Chamber. The Pit is when guys are forced to balance on two blocks while their hands are tied behind their back or above their head - and getting flogged or having clothespins ripped from their bodies. The Chair is when guys are tied to a chair (hence the name) and get punched in the torso, whacked in the nut sack and/or have burning wax dripped all over their naked bodies.

The Water Chamber seems to differ from scene to scene, but as you may have guessed, it always involves water. One guy got suspended upside down and repeatedly dunked head first in a bathtub, another got blasted with a fire hose as a form of CBT, while a third got the hose as a means of washing off the hot wax and having a few dozen clothespins removed from his nipples and balls.

Finally, at the end of each scene, the Dom orders his slave to cum, which usually entails jerking him off roughly until the sub shoots his load. The scenes finish with a brief Q&A with the guy. I'm betting there are more than a handful of you out there whose jaws hit the ground after reading that lengthy description.

They had gone for almost a year without an update, but then they recently added a new scene, bringing you a total of 49 high-def videos. Each scene links to some images, but these are actually just vid caps.

With most of the videos running in excess of 50 minutes, I think the real reason this site is called 30 Minutes Of Torment is because you'll really be struggling to last that long before cumming. I'm sure you'll love these scenes and let's hope they get back on track with updates.

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