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Adam Strong 

By: Adam Strong
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The good folks at have a love of the classics, which in turn has led to you having access to all those classics. All you have to do is check out Kink Archive and I guarantee you'll find some of the hottest fetish scenes online. There are some downsides, though.

KinkArchive is – shocker – a big archive of kinky porn. Specifically, it's an archive of older scenes from all the sites that Kink On Demand gets it content from (like Fucking Machines, Hogtied and Sex And Submission). Once a scene from any of those sites becomes two years old, it can be found on this site as well.

In a way, this process makes the site similar to a mega-site. You're getting tons of material as a result, as well as several different niches of kink. The six main categories are bondage, BDSM, Femdom, fetish, TS and Lezdom, but these are just blanket terms. You'll also see the occasional public humiliation, plenty of extreme gangbangs and countless sex machines and fetish devices created specifically for the originating sites.

You may be annoyed that everything is at least two years old, but the quality doesn't seem to disappoint from what I saw. Tons of vids are HD. You can also preview them as an average-quality stream. Also, the updates go all the way back to 1997, so it should come as no surprise that you're getting more than 7,000 videos.

Each scene comes with a corresponding photo set. You can view the shots online and save them in a Zip folder. I recommend the latter because some of these galleries are decently large and it looks like most (if not all) of the sets contain high-res images.

So what's the downside? That would be the navigation. You can choose from those six categories I mentioned, but after that, you're stuck repeatedly clicking on a "show more videos" button that loads 30 more scenes to the page. With almost two decades worth of material, you can imagine how long it will take you to reach older scenes. There are no search functions to help make things easier.

On the plus side, with so many sites to draw its material from, it looks like you currently get a minimum of one new scene every day. I really hope they change the navigation one day – the sooner the better. However, with so many high-quality and incredibly kinky scenes to check out, I can't think of a strong enough reason why you wouldn't want to join. The price is above the average, though.

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  • Comment by: ilikeitrough

    Score: 90% Date: 12/23/2014

    Let me start by saying that this website ( cannot be used as a "hit and run". The amount of porn here is unimaginable to try and download all you want in one month and then leave.
    So if you plan to join you better plan to stay (so consider the annual subscription).

    There has been a great discussion about navigational issues, and usability.
    You simply cannot imagine how non-user friendly and impossible to navigate this site truly is.

    All you are presented with is a bucket full of porn.
    Very broadly categorised in six tabs "bdsm", "bondage", "fetish" etc where, after a while, you start to remember which tab includes scenes from which website (hogtied, publicdisgrace, etc etc).

    Keep in mind that there is absolutely no search option. You only get thumbnails of the scenes and when you hover on them you see the date and the performers.

    There is a way to bypass this obstacle and it is absolutely legitimate but to make sure I will ask rabbit about it and if they see fit they can include it in their update.

    If I wrote this review when I first joined the site my score would be way lower.
    However, since I have found a way to overcome the search issue I can give a higher score, keeping in mind though that the search probem still exists.

    If you were brought to kink, kinkarchive, or any of those sites, you definitely know what you were looking for.
    Kinkarchive is pricey indeed, but considering the prices for pay per view/demand it seems like it's free.

    *Kink shoots that are older than 2 years enter the archives and you get access to them.
    However, some scenes are being re-released by kink even though they were shot 5 years ago.
    They are baptised as classic, or smth like that, and although the actual shoot was let's say in 2009, they re-release it in 2014 and you do not have access to it.
    They aren't many, but they exist.

    If I hadn't found my way to navigate there was no chance I would stay any longer.
    But now I believe I will add this site to my "keepers".