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Updated on: 04/10/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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  • There are only two more scenes and updates continue to be inconsistent, which is why the score went down a point.

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With a name like Euro Babe Facials you know where the girls are from and how each scene is going to end, so the question then becomes what happens to these Euro babes before they get a facial? Well, that's why I'm here. (To tell you, not to give you a facial.)

Each scene begins with the girl looking into the camera and telling us her name and where she's from (they're usually Eastern European). From there she does a little striptease and drops to her knees to suck the cameraman's cock.

The scenes are all shot POV, so you see it from his perspective as his dick gets sucked and licked and he sometimes decides to take control and fuck the girl's face a little. Sometimes he gets to fuck her tight pussy as well before finally jerking off all over her mug (this dude generally has a pretty big load, too). We then get to watch the money shot again from a different angle and that's that.

I will say that the girls are very sexy and amateur, but you can tell that some of them are more experienced than others at this kind of thing. Also, some of them seem a little less enthusiastic than others. One chick named Promesita even asks, "How much longer?" five minutes into her scene!

There are 40 videos and 40 photo sets available at this point and while the site has updated within the last month, they had gone three months without an update prior to that. At least the photos are high-res and the videos are in Full HD and can be both streamed and downloaded. You can also save the scenes to your favorites, rate them on a 5-star scale and post a comment.

The amount of content isn't very impressive, but your membership does get you access to the entire Puffy Network, which includes three more sites: Wet And Puffy, Wet And Pissy and We Like To Suck.

Of course the bonuses add some value, but you came here for the cum-covered Euro-babe faces and on that front, while Euro Babe Facials does have some hot content, one can't forget about the infrequent updating.


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  • Comment by: Louie

    Score: 92% Date: 04/16/2014

    I think you underrated this site! Sure it's a little small, but man I've never seen facials this big on any other european site! awesome stuff. I want to see this site grow!