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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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How did that 2 In A Room song go? You know the one, their big hit in 1990. Oh, yes! "Wiggle it, just a little bit/I wanna see you wiggle it, just a little bit - as it grooves." Well, that was a hip-hop ode to bootylicious babes with generous backsides, whereas Squirt It is a gay anthem directed to straight dudes whose behinds are the big body part we want to see them squirting.

Okay, "gay anthem" is taking poetic license, because no singing is involved in any of the scenes, although I can well imagine that the man behind SquirtIt is one silver-tongued devil. After all, it is one thing to occasionally charm the pants off a straight man (men being men are often up for anything, if horny enough), but to succeed at it time and again when it involves them being filmed is much harder to do.

It's a feat all the more impressive when you consider that although most of the time you'll see the straight guy alone and masturbating, other times there's mutual masturbation, handjobs and even blowjobs. What's even better is  that those mouth and hands-on adventures are happening between two straights experimenting with one another. Some older scenes show sex with girls instead.

You'll find 99 videos so far. Although there are some that are below average in quality, you'll find that the  newer ones come in Full HD. Some are downloadable QuickTime clips that can't be streamed, but many more come in MP4s that can be streamed as well as downloaded. If you're wondering, there aren't any photos to go with them.

I'm not someone who's particularly turned on by the idea of a man being straight and although not every guy here is my cup of tea, there's no denying that there are some seriously hot jocks to ogle. It's not just about buff bods or big cocks, because you'll see physiques and/or dicks that are average too. It's more of a celebration of masculinity in all forms, which is a relief considering sites with straights can sometimes scrape the bottom of the barrel in the looks department.

Nothing is dated, so I don't know how often they add new content and although I thought that maybe the blog would help or the dates on the comments would clarify the update schedule, they really didn't help me draw any firm conclusions. At any rate, Squirt It seems worth checking out, even if the quality varies and I can't tell how often it's growing.

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