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Updated on: 01/09/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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I've got a cat that's absolutely obsessed with socks. If you leave a pair out where she can get them, she'll eventually find them and carry them away. If any of you are even half as interested in socks as she is, you'll probably be pretty intrigued by Sock Fixation. It's a site where hot girls invite you to get up close and personal with their sexy feet.

SockFixation looks good and it's pretty easy to explore. You're presented with its newest content as soon as you sign in and getting to the older stuff couldn't be much easier. Everything is dated, so I can tell you that this is a website that was updating frequently up until very recently. Though things have slowed down as of late, there have still been six new movies in the last 30 days.

There are currently 65 videos to check out. Each is represented by a thumbnail that acts as a preview and takes you to a page where you can stream and download the flick. There are always four downloadable formats, but the 3GP one doesn't seem to work. That leaves you with three MP4 formats. The top one is supposed to be in high-def, but its bit rate isn't high enough. It isn't too shabby, though, as it still offers good-quality playback.

A lot of the movies have a girl or two sitting on a bed or a couch with their sock-covered feet right in the viewer's face. The chicks address those watching directly. Some of them taunt and tease, while others talk dirty. These are rather short. There are longer ones, but they're very different. Give them a peek and you'll see feet-licking, dudes getting footjobs, girl-on-girl action involving lots of leg worship and a thrilling threesome. Most of the material is exclusive.

While there are vid caps to be had, you won't find any photographs. Members get access to some sweet extras, though, like DVDs to stream and 12 bonus sites that are part of the Twisted Females network. Clicking the "home" link will take you right to the network's homepage and you can use the "sites" link to travel to bonus sites like Foot Fetish Fun and Small Penis Disgrace.

Being the sock lover that she is, my cat would likely join this website. Unfortunately, she can't, because she doesn't have a credit card and has no idea how to use a computer. If you don't suffer from the same limitations and also adore fine feet and sexy socks, you should consider joining Foot Fixation.

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