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Updated on: 01/10/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Smashing Your Balls isn't about improving your volleyball or tennis game, I'm afraid. If that's what you came for, just keep on practicing, pal. This Femdom site is all about smashing the balls of a submissive male. Many of the videos are shot in a POV style where Dommes speak to the camera and instruct you on how to punish your tender privates. There are also movies that have more general D/s scenarios.

The site looks fine, but there's a bit of a snag with the navigation. You'll be able to find the main collection with no issues, but just be wary of clicking the "home" button after enjoying a flick. It takes you to the network's homepage where you'll see all the movies from across the network instead of just the ball-smashing ones. If you happen to click it, as I did, you can just click "sites" and pull up this site again.

There are 101 movies and there's quite a range in women. From perky blondes to more Gothic-looking beauties, you have a good mix of Mistresses. You can stream the videos in a rather small player and download them in a few MP4 files. Most movies are in HD, but there are some that don't hit that mark. There's a 3GP format as well, but it wouldn't download. There are screenshots for every movie and you can rate the flicks, leave comments and add them to your favorites.

I especially liked the scenes with more than one female doing the ballbusting. They kick at the camera, laugh wickedly and call you names. If humiliation is your bag, these babes bring it. They know you crave the pain and they plan on making you feel it all the way to the tips of your toes.

The site updates every day or two and there are 13 Femdom Craze bonus sites, including Small Penis Disgrace, Locked Up In Chastity and Sissy Discipline. Fans of the giantess and foot and sock fetishes will also find sites to enjoy. Many are POV style, so if you need some good ol' hardcore, you can mosey on over to the bonus DVDs that offer sex in various niches.

This site (and its network) is more for those into POV Femdom, so take note of that when you're sizing it up. The quality is high and the updates are speedy, so it should work for you. The content is also mostly exclusive.

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