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April Scott

By: April Scott
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"Tiny," "minuscule," "sad" and "imaginary" are the words being used to describe the size of your manhood on Small Penis Disgrace. One hot babe claims she'll have to call the Guinness Book of World Records, because she thinks your privates would break the record for the smallest dick. Another says that her clit is bigger than what you're calling your cock. These women don't take it easy on you, but would you want it any other way?

Some videos employ two or three Dommes to disgrace your dong, but there are many scenes that just have one babe who can pull it off on her own. They laugh, they point and they pretend to stroke that wang using their pinky fingers. You'll definitely get turned-on looking at their hot, supple bodies clad in lingerie or barely there outfits, but these honeys make it clear that they wouldn't want that "pathetic" woody anywhere near them.

All the videos are shot POV style, so don't expect to see any real teeny peckers. I think the Mistresses prefer filming that way since they seem really averse to small packages, so they might not even want to see a tiny dick in real life anyway. Many finish off their scene by telling the camera that they're off in search of a "real man" with a bigger Johnson.

The site offers you 61 movies, but just remember that once you view one and want to get back to the homepage, the "home" button won't take you right there. Clicking it lands you on the Twisted Females network where you can see the content from its 10 sites (which come as a bonus). You'll have to go into "sites" and pick this one's thumbnail to get back to the main collection.

You can save the movies in MP4s of varying sizes, but the majority of them are average in quality. That said, you will find some that are good in quality and even in high-def. You can stream them if you prefer and there's a 3GP file, but I couldn't get it to save. Vid caps are included with each movie and you can also rate the scenes, post comments and save your favorites.

If you need a hottie to berate your baloney-pony on a regular basis then you'll be thrilled with the almost-daily update schedule. There's also plenty more humiliation and POV Femdom awaiting you in those nine bonus sites. Cum Eating Training, Locked Up In Chastity and Giantess Dommes will definitely keep your ego bruised for a while.

The Dommes are ravishing on Small Penis Disgrace and they do a pretty good job of ridiculing your ding-dong, but I wish they had consistently higher-quality movies. Still, the frequent updates and mostly exclusive content are things it has going for it.

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