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Updated on: 01/07/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Your Cum Eating Training starts immediately. If you're new to the practice, you have the best teachers in the world here. They'll tease and taunt you, count down while you cum and then advise you to lick it all up. Well, it's not so much advising as it is commanding you to slurp up your creamy wad.

There are 87 movies that all progress in the POV fashion. On their own and in duos, these Mistresses encourage you to stroke it and then blast off. Some aren't as forthcoming about what they expect you to do with your load once it's spent. They save that little surprise for the end.

Some of the videos offer HD playback, but the majority are good in quality. You also have the option to stream them. There's a 3GP file, but it wouldn't download for some reason. Vid caps come with every scene, so you can slow it down and ogle every inch of these Mistresses.

The site looks fine, but there is a snag with navigation. After you watch a movie, you might think the "home" button will take you back to the main page of updates, but it actually takes you to the Twisted Females network page where you can see all the updates from all the sites. To get back to the cum-eating, all you have to do is go into "sites" and pick this one from the list.

These babes stay clothed for most of the movie, but many wear racy lingerie. There's a wide variety of Dommes too and they all have their own style. Some have more than one scene, so you're in luck if one of those gals turns out to be a fave. Speaking of which, you can save your favorite scenes, as well as rate the content and post comments.

The website updates pretty frequently and it has given us nine videos in the last 30 days alone. There are also those network sites I mentioned earlier, which come as bonuses and include Giantess Dommes and Bossy Princesses. Most of the Femdom porn on them is also shot POV. You can also browse lots of hardcore DVDs.

Each Domme has her own style and vibe, so the scenes don't get too repetitive. The quality and update schedule are also positive elements in its corner. Plus, the content is mostly exclusive. If you crave this kind of humiliation from a hot Domme, you should sign up.

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