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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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When they use the term "cream pie" on Splosh Me, they mean literally the crusty dessert with creamy filling. Having skipped breakfast perhaps this wasn't the best choice to review before lunch since nubile bodies covered with chocolate sauce, cream and a multitude of other sweet delights has me hankering to satisfy my hunger by licking a hot female's food-coated body from head to toe. In the world of WAM, or the wet and messy fetish, the song lyrics go "bake me up before you come, come."

Currently, there are eight different SploshMe models each with a short bio revealing their vital statistics and/or personality. These messy babes are hot and most start out wearing either costumes like a ball uniform or tasteful business attire before being covered in loads of gooey-gooey goodness. I am not always the biggest fan of oatmeal, but when it's slathered all over a naked babe, it really makes me want to lap it up.

Each woman has several high-res galleries of 10 to 90 photos. However, many of them are parts of a series of images, so the average number per set is around 120 actually. Therefore, there are only about 23 sets of pictures to see. They're available in Zip files. 

Beyond the wet and messy fun, there's masturbation and various insertions, from mundane dildos and vibrators to baseball bats and bananas. In a few cases, we also get to see the gals pee for the camera. Three sets include four or five high-res images where you can see every single detail down to the goosebumps on wet exposed flesh.

The 24 good-quality downloadable videos contain anywhere from a single clip up to 14 parts. You can play them in Windows Media format and sometimes they are accompanied by a few video captures to help you preview the action. Many times we get to witness a chick covered in some sticky substance masturbate with a big rubber dick.

Updates seem to have slowed down considerably, though, and the collection is not going to last you long. It's not a big niche either, so it's disappointing that there's not more to see here. Still, I think you can find something bigger and better out there.

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