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Updated on: 01/12/2015

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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If you're a fellow who craves the feeling of a confined cock, or you're a lady who likes to keep her man's package tightly sealed, the material on Chastity Craze will speak to you. The videos are shot POV style, so it really does feel as if the Mistresses are talking directly to you and telling you just how uncomfortable your life is going to be once you have that cage locked on your privates.

ChastityCraze is part of the Femdom Craze network. You land on the proper page when you sign in and you can right away see all the updates, but once you're done watching a movie, the "home" link will take you back to the network's homepage. It's not the biggest deal, as you can get back to the chastity content easily from the "sites" area, but it's misleading.

There are 64 videos and each stars one or two babes - many of them take place on a bed. Each Domme has her own style and there's usually a reason for the viewer to get his dick shackled. Some have sniffed panties or spied on girls changing or something to that effect. You can save and stream the flicks in MP4 files and while some are available in HD, the majority are good in quality. You get vid caps with each scene.

I do want to mention that there's also a 3GP format, but you can't download it. Too bad because it would be useful if you were to surf to this site from your mobile device. You can rate the scenes and post comments and there's a favorites section. There's a written description for each movie to give you an idea of what you're getting.

I don't usually miss a model index when a site doesn't have one, but one would be beneficial here. There was a raven-haired Mistress who really got me going and I would've liked to a way to pick out all her scenes at once, or maybe even get to know her a bit more. I will admit that some girls pull off the POV scenes better than others.

The site was updating pretty frequently at one point, but it has only posted one new flick in the last 30 days. There are also Femdom bonus sites to have a look at and these include Ballbusting POV and Eat Your Cum. You also get sites that focus on feet and tickling. If you're looking for hardcore of all kinds, check out the 9,754 bonus DVDs.

I like that Chastity Craze has a different spin on the use of the chastity device and, although they could have more consistent video quality, you're getting good-looking footage for the most part. Chastity fans will want to take a look.

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