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April Scott

By: April Scott
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Ballbusting POV gives you exactly what you think it does. It showcases hot Dommes mimicking the act of ballbusting in POV videos. So you're probably thinking, "what the heck do I need you for then?" Well, sheesh, you don't have to get touchy. Sit back, relax, and let me give you the facts that you can't discern for yourself from the sitename.

You land on the Femdom Craze network page when you sign in, but all of the BallbustingPOV scenes are right there. There is one navigation snag, however. After watching a movie, I clicked "home" to take me back to the movie index, but it actually takes you to the network homepage, so you get all of the videos and not just the ballbusting ones. In order to get them all back on your screen, you'll have to go to the "sites" tab and click the proper site.

You can be virtually kicked in the cock and 'nads in 28 movies. Well, some chicks just talk down to the camera and describe how they would go about it, but many others actually make kicking and punching motions, so you can truly imagine they're taking swings at your very tender privates. Many of the dominating dolls are scantily clad too, so you get good looks at their bodies.

Each movie has a few MP4 download options, but the ones marked "HD" are the highest. You don't always get high-def stats, though. The screen sizes are all 1280x720, but the bit rates have a range. You will find some that are genuine HD, but most have good-quality bit rates (some have lower ones, too). They have 3GPs, but you can't download those for some reason. There aren't any photos, but you get vid caps for each flick.

You can save your favorites and rate the movies and post comments. There's a basic search function too. One of my favorite scenes has two Mistresses bringing the hurt. They laugh maniacally as they kick their legs in the camera's direction. They claim that your balls will be so far up your ass when they're done with you. Most scenes just star one Domme, but there are some with two and even three women. There's also a scene description for each movie to give you an idea of what's to come.

Updates are rather frequent, with a new movie being added every 2-3 days. There are bonus movies (over 9,700), but they look to focus on regular hardcore and not Femdom. If you need more Femdom, there are extra sites to check out, including Chastity Craze, Eat Your Cum, Giantess Fetish Clips and Small Penis Humiliators.

I'd like to see them be more consistent with their quality, but they impressed with their decent update schedule. If you get off by pretending sizzling Mistresses are kicking you in the junk, this site will one you want to keep an eye on. I'd just wait until they offered a bigger collection.

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