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Updated on: 04/30/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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  • There are 19 more scenes to access, but these are limited to the toilet site, which is currently updating weekly. The other two sites haven't grown since 2013.

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Czech GAV proves that not every mega-site actually delivers a mega amount of content given that it only lets you access three collections. Still, with Czech in the sitename you know that the performers are hot and in case you can't decode the rest of it, you're looking at gay adult videos - and who's not up for that even in somewhat limited doses?

To be fair, if CzechGAV was your standard site I might not put so much emphasis on the fact that it's not that big. After all, one of the sites, Czech Gay Casting, isn't exactly small, although it hasn't updated since 2013. It offers 75 scenes replete with HD flicks and sweet high-res pics.

Now, I bet if you trained to be a firefighter or policeman they wouldn't throw you into danger on your first day. Luckily for us, when you're trying to get cast in gay porn, you're expected to make a good impression on the producer's dick. You're going to need to demonstrate what a skilled cocksucker you are and/or take his slick pole up your tight asshole. No excuses allowed!

Even though the producer's cock is big, Czech Gay Solarium isn't such a biggie. It only has 22 high-def videos and there aren't any photos. Moreover, it has a completely different appeal than the casting site, as it's purely voyeurism. Dudes strip nude to tan, and beyond maybe adjusting their junk for a second or two, nothing overtly sexual happens. Updating is a thing of the past on this site, too.

Czech Gay Toilets is the third site and another voyeur one. It's got spy cams set up in urinals, so that you can watch dudes while they drain their lizards, some of whom are actually draining Godzillas. It has 30 HD films, but also no photos. It's this site that not only continues to update, but also does so on a weekly basis.

To recap, you're getting 127 videos to stream and download in MP4s that are average in quality, but if you go with the Windows Media format you can expect high-def playback instead. You can also check out 75 sets of high-res photos one pic at a time, because there isn't a slideshow and you can't download them in Zip files.

Although you'll see some fresh talent here, you'll also catch sight of some recognizable pornstars, although they certainly don't try to pretend that isn't the case. They simply mention some things about their private lives, like if they have girlfriends and what kind of fetishes they're into, if any. You can also check out bonus videos with gay hardcore action.

Despite the growth being limited to only one of this mega-site's trio, Czech GAV offers enough high-def content to make it worth checking out. Eventually they'll need to resume updating all the sites if they want to receive an even heartier recommendation from me.

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