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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Growing up, I remember the popularity of surf culture and how it affected everything from clothing to slang. Obviously, surfing is still alive and well as a sport today, but what I find it most heavily influences at present is not fashion or the way today's youth speak, but rather model choices for a lot of gay and gay-for-pay porn sites, like Dylan Lucas Mobile.

Dylan is the man behind the camera and he likes surfers, so he endeavors to find models who have that kind of look even if they're not actually hooked on surfing in their everyday lives. He might find a dude from the American Midwest who's never even seen the ocean before, but who has the lean godlike bod, sun-kissed skin and flowing hair of a surfer boy. At least he will some of the time.

I find that some of the talent he recruits looks more like bodybuilders who hit the gym hard, but they make a nice contrast to the slimmer jocks who fill most of the scenes. Still, you won't mind seeing any of these hunks naked whether they're masturbating on the beach or poolside, sharing blowjobs and/or having hardcore sex. They all exude a masculine appeal even if most are smooth, not hairy.

Updates appear to be around once a month and you will find 61 videos so far. I think you'll agree that they mostly look great when you go with the better of two options. But some of you may be disappointed that there aren't any photos.

As far as navigation goes, it's a bit rudimentary, because you only have the option of moving forward and back by one page or skipping to the last or back to the first. Sure, there really aren't that many pages of content at this point, but in a way it's even more annoying that they didn't create links for so few pages.

At least there are keyword tags below each scene to help you  find similar performers and/or action. These also do double duty as the basis for a section of categories by which you can browse the site. You will also find the models' names linked so that you can find all the scenes featuring the same hunk.

You can access the desktop version of Dylan Lucas with your membership, which gives you the chance to check out some photos - if that's a must when it comes to busting your nut. All in all, as it stands now, I think Dylan Lucas Mobile is worth checking out and even more so in the future if it continues to grow.

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