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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I don't know if you've ever tasted the infamous malt liquor known as Colt 45, but it's harsh-tasting stuff, so much so that it might very well put hair on your chest. It's also so strong that you might worry that if you get too much of it you'll go blind. Hairy chests and going blind also seem apropos when discussing the iconic content on Colt Studio Mobile, because it's where men are men and the massive amount of masturbation they inspire might lead to blindness.

Definitely, it will lead to some kind of physical complication if you try to check out ColtStudioMobile while on the go, because it's going to be dangerously distracting for drivers or even those on foot. So I suggest pulling over to the side of the road or finding a quite place to sit. Better yet, why not take this handheld collection of solo and hardcore gay action with you to bed? I bet you'll have the sweetest of hirsute and manly dreams.

Updated once or twice a week, you'll find 650 videos that bring you great-looking playback for the newer ones. You also have a lower-quality option that may help you out if your connection speed isn't that great. One thing you won't find though are any still images to go with the footage, because there aren't any photos here.

I love Colt Studios' movies, because they often deliver the kinds of musclemen that one thought only possible in one's imagination. We're talking the types of bodies that normally only belong to superheroes in comic books, not to mention dicks that might fill the pages of an X-rated graphic novel, but all these impressive specimens are real flesh-and-blood studs. You'll see them masturbate, give blowjobs and enjoy anal action in places like gyms and kinky dungeons.

Over the years, I think they've made an effort to skew their crew of hotties toward a younger demographic because you'll see some young jocks who are slimmer than the older bodybuilders previously featured and who don't really have much body hair. Still, you'll find lots of furry hunks, including leather daddies of past and present, not to mention gay icons like Steve Kelso in classic scenes.

My only issue with the site is that you can only move forward or back by a page at a time. You might just find yourself resorting to the desktop version (which comes with your membership) to find something specific, unless the keyword tags (that double as linked categories) are enough to help you find what you are looking for. So, all in all, Colt Studio Mobile has hot content, but not a truly user-friendly interface.

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