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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I was a prude growing up in my small, rather rural hometown, so I left home a complete virgin, other than having made out with a girl on prom night. Then when I started my life in the big city it was pretty much straight into hardcore gay sex (as guilty as it used to make me feel at first), so I never did the transitional experimentation one might expect to witness on Circle Jerk Boys Mobile.

It might be a sign of the times that being gay isn't such a big deal anymore and that the economy has made some folks willing to do anything to turn a buck, but either way, the action on CircleJerkBoysMobile has shifted. It's gone from mostly solo and mutual masturbation to more and more scenes showing boys blowing each other's cocks and fucking one another's butts. Trust me, that change I can get behind.

Updates are weekly, but they tend to add two vids each time, so there are already 544 videos. It would seem that you can expect mostly great-looking playback, although some scenes look a bit better than others. I find, for example, that some shoots are too bright, making them appear a tad washed out. And although you can check some out by visiting the desktop version of Circle Jerk Boys, here there aren't any photos.

Where to start as far as what content strikes my fancy the most? Well, I appreciate that despite the word "boys" in the sitename, you're not limited to only seeing twinks here. Even if most of the studs do have youth on their side, you'll see lots of dudes in their mid to late 20s, not to mention beefier jocks and some downright hairy specimens. There are lots of tattoos and some piercings to enjoy, too.

What I am not so crazy about is the navigation, because it's seriously lacking. You can only jump ahead or back by one page or five and with so many scenes, even at 15 a page you're doing lots of tapping to get to the end or even partway through the middle. There really aren't any shortcuts in the sense that there isn't an advanced search or even keyword tags to locate similar material. Just model links, so if you find a guy you like at least his other shoots are easy to find.

Your membership includes access to the standard site mentioned earlier and that in turn will give you access to the 1 Gay Pass network, with Men Over 30, Extra Big Dicks and Boyz Party. These too appear to offer mobile access, so you can visit them both at home or while you're out and about. In the end, Circle Jerk Boys Mobile could do with a more user-friendly design, but its fresh content is hot.

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