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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Even though 1 Gay Pass Mobile is packed with lots of content from four different websites, it will still fit ever so neatly into your pocket. Granted, the pockets on my jeans are a bit of a tight fit right now after seeing the hot masturbation and hardcore gay sex here, because the crotch of my dungarees is all hitched inwards and upwards with the tent I'm pitching.

Variety is the spice of life and I think that's why 1GayPassMobile is so appealing to me. It's got a lot of different hotties with a variety of looks to enjoy, from slender twinks to hairy jocks, including those over 30, with the occasional average guy who doesn't have a twink-sized physique or a jock's muscles. You've also got gay, bi and straight guys, the latter of whom may be willing to go gay for pay.

You see, the 2,123 videos here are not limited to blowjobs and anal action, so if a guy is too shy or not even a little bit bicurious then he could just jerk himself off. That said, Circle Jerk Boys Mobile/Circle Jerk Boys may have you presuming that you'll be treated to scenes of mostly mutual masturbation, yet its recent content is focused on cock-suckers and butt-fuckers.

If you were to think that Boyz Party Mobile/Boyz Party was only about twinks, you'd be a bit wrong as there are some lads who are a tad beefier than the stereotype or have some body hair. I'm also not sure if all the cocks on Extra Big Dicks truly qualify. So, in the end, Men Over 30 is probably the most on the money content-wise.

I included the links to the desktop versions, because you also get access to the non-mobile 1 Gay Pass, which will come in handy perhaps, because there aren't any photos here, although the standard sites have them. I bet some people won't care much and will be mostly concerned about the vids, which I am happy to report look great for the most part.

So the only issue I really have is with the navigation. I do like that you can either browse the individual sites or all the content combined. The problem is that you can only jump ahead or back by one or five pages at a time, but you can skip to the last page or back to the first.

They've added over 25 updates in the last 30 days alone, so even though one of the sites hasn't updated in quite some time, you can still expect a healthy stream of new scenes. So, in the end, 1 Gay Pass Mobile is very easy for me to recommend despite some navigational issues.

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