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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I used to watch "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" and supposedly its footage was often staged to make some of the animals behave in ways that would never occur in nature. The action on Male Kingdom is also probably staged, but not so the dudes can do things that don't come naturally - it's so we can see the gay sex from the best angles.

Although you might find some of the scenes familiar, the content on MaleKingdom is apparently exclusive. It's probably just that some of the performers have shot for a few different sites. Like a group of Russian pro-amateurs who have built rather prolific careers out of fucking bareback on film any chance they get.

However, not to worry, because if you're not into them (I, myself, kind of dig some of these hairy, skinny boys), you've got lots more choices here. There are twinks and jocks, both lean and beefy bodybuilders. You'll find loads of Latinos, some Italians and ebony hunks who often have interracial encounters.

Speaking of action, there's masturbation, handjobs, blowjobs and hardcore gay sex, including a good number of threesomes and orgies. You can also track down shoots with more fetish-based encounters, including at least one scene where a guy tramples another dude barefoot and uses his toes to "finger" the guy he's stepping on.

Now, there aren't any photos, just a strip of rather tiny screenshots below each of the 987 videos. They can't be enlarged, so I wouldn't even refer to them as vid caps. At least the videos appear to deliver mostly great-quality playback and some even come in HD whether you download or stream them.

The flicks are labeled with keyword tags. You can also "like" scenes and sort them by popularity. There's no advanced search, nor can you leave comments. Also, nothing is dated, so I can't be sure how often they're updating, although I do know that it's been at least a month since they added anything new.

I should also tell you that there are bonus sites, but with the exception of an Italian shemale one, most of them show straight action, so they'll add little value for a good number of folks. All the same, Male Kingdom offers more than enough to make it worth joining.

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