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Updated on: 02/10/2016

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1380
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Since we last visited SmuttyPass...

  • This site has a new design, but a lot less content. There's only one recent date indicating when the last video was added, so they might be rotating them. The last photo set was in 2013.
  • The only navigational feature still missing is an advanced search.

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When you get yourself a membership to Smutty Pass, you're really paying one price to access four sites: CBT And Ballbusting, Femdom Foot Fetish, Inescapable Bondage and RyAnne Redd. Each is a bit different, but they all have some kind of Femdom element.

With the exception of the fourth one (which features a lovely redhead who gets naughty while mocking the small cocks of her admirers) their names give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect. The CBT site shows chicks getting very rough with dicks and nutsacks, kicking, smacking and tying them up till they're (literally) blue. The foot site has guys worshipping women's feet, with lots of licking, smelling and sucking of toes.

The bondage site is full of hardcore BDSM porn, with male and female submissives being dominating by other women (there's the occasional Dom too, though). There's lots of device and rope bondage, as well as percussion play, breath play, fucking machines and men getting fucked with strapons.

The network's homepage provides you with carousel-style banner that cycles through each of the sites. Lower down the page you'll find thumbnails showcasing their latest scenes. The homepage also has a search box that you might find useful if there's something specific you're in the mood to see, although really it would be even better if they offered an advanced search given that there are multiple sites.

There are currently 291 videos spread across the network and there are 248 sets of pictures to go along with them. Those numbers aren't terrible, although they're a bit low for a mega-site. However, they're considerably lower than what we found the last time around, so the network appears to be rotating content.

The movies can be streamed in an embedded player as well as downloaded, usually in two or three MP4 formats. Going with the "high" option often allows you to enjoy HD footage. The pictures are impressive as well, as they tend to be crisp and clear and are often high-res. The one unfortunate thing is that you can't download them in Zip files. The galleries aren't necessarily massive, but they're still large enough that it's a hassle to download all the pics one at a time.

I mentioned the network's search engine before, but there's another way to find scenes that'll appeal to you once you're inside the actual sites - every video has been tagged with several keywords, like anal, bites, ties and vibrator. The network is set up so that you can save your favorites as well and you can post comments and give a rating.

If you're looking for a site that can provide you with a few different flavors of Femdom, getting a membership to Smutty Pass might just be the thing for you to do. With a good amount of content and some high-quality porn, it's a network that's worth a look.

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